• For App Makers, Pie Isn't Getting Much Bigger
    It's pretty clear by now that apps are winning the battle for media attention on smartphones. comScore data released last week found that time with mobile apps on smartphones and tablets now makes up half of all time spent with digital media. But there has not been a corresponding increase in the number of apps people have on their phones. For brands, the data only underscores the daunting challenge of gaining an audience for their apps when people tend to stick with a core group of well-known apps tied to functions like social networking and search.
  • Wearables To Come And Go Like Fashion
    An e-reader may not make a great fashion accessory, but its fortunes can help predict the rise and fall of nascent wearable devices and home automation gadgets, according to a new report -- "How to Ride the Rise and Fall of Digital Devices," by Forrester VP/Principal Analyst James McQuivey. His thesis is that today's digital devices gain mass appeal and then are cast aside more quickly than ever. Because of the inherent risks, marketers should forget about building hardware themselves and focus on using devices "as a bridge over which to extend a branded relationship," he says.
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