• Voter marketing: What will the candidates do now?
    An interesting article came out of this week weighing the respective campaigns and marketing strategies from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the past year plus. The author concluded that Obama won in every media from television to social networks to media innovations. For the record, I agree. Outside of being the only candidates in [...]
  • Why Can't We be Friends?
    I have bronchitis. I know, this is very sad news. This means that I have to get better because a person doesn't want bronchitis while staying in New York City for the summer. In the meantime, what better way to get better, than to do a little bit of Facebooking and watching [...]
  • History
    As I walked into the lobby of my office today, I looked over at our in-house newsstand and saw a copy of the NY Daily News. It's not often I, as a newsie, want a copy of a front page, but this one called my name. Wow. A 23-year-old male willingly buying a newspaper. This might [...]
  • Email Insider Summit 2008: Email vs Social Networks
    A few of my fellow bloggers and I recently returned from MediaPost's Email Insider Summit. The event was quite worthwhile and a positive experience. Our role at the Summit was speaking on the keynote panel: "Does Email Have a Future?" One of the topics that received a lot of attention at the Summit was Email [...]
  • Don't Touch
    Check out this video. Am I the only one that doesn't want some sweaty fingered freak to borrow my laptop for a couple of minutes thus smudging the be-buddha out my screen? A touch-based screen on a phone makes sense - it's a personal device that people generally won't borrow for a few minutes to show you the latest YouTube viral. A laptop is different. Microsoft, please don't integrate this grubby-hand-happy device into your operating system. Peanut butter jelly digits already get way too close to the LCD, as if pointing out buttons for me to click helps me …
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