• Are technological advances setting us back?
    Today I was chatting with one of my Profs about an article in the Daily News about a Ball State professor who makes his students hand write their papers. This came after he was teaching at a school in Michigan and discovered that newly graduated teachers were getting complaints from parents about their poor [...]
  • A 22-Month Campaign: Too Much of a Good Thing
    I am a political-science minor and a self-professed CNN junkie, so election time can be as exciting for me as SuperBowl XLI will be for the Colts fans here at Ball State. But even I cannot wrap my head around all of the media hype involving the 2008 election. Every time I turn on the [...]
  • It's not news...
    Last week, just after the first major snowfall of the year, I was reminded once again why I love college. My neighbors built a 7-foot-tall snow-phallus. Halfway across campus, a few other students built a Snowman House of Horrors a la "Calvin and Hobbes." It is this affinity for the bizarre, a [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    I think people are looking at MyDeathSpace incorrectly. You're viewing from the eyes of someone who has not experienced death since this website has become active. The website can be a positive in a variety of ways. [...]
  • The Digital Mourning Period...
    A tragic thing happened Saturday night. The life of a fellow student was claimed in an accident just seven blocks away from our campus. I know this, because I got the e-mail. "[DN|BREAKING NEWS] BSU golfer dies in Riverside Avenue accident." This came just over 5 hours after the actual accident. A few years ago, we [...]
  • Is it a real site?? Or just fiction??
    I have been an avid watcher of The L Word on Showtime since its beginnings. Season 4 began three weeks ago. In the first episode Alice, played Leisha Hailey, is talking with friends about a new website her radio station is launching. The site is called OurChart, is a replication of a […]
  • It Takes Money to Make Money
    It continues to baffle me that software for students is completely out of our price range. If you take a look at the software required in architecture (Adobe CS2, Macromedia, at least one 3D modeler, etc.) you see that in order for a student to remain legally up to date with all the software […]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    yes, i feel your pain. my new apartment complex isn't DVR compatitable either. my only option is to dust off the old VCR and find some video tapes, but really...am i going to do that? noooooo! i must rearrange my life for my appointment television...and actually sit there and watch it when it comes [...]
  • My Secret Addiction....
    This year I find myself going through withdrawal pains . . . for I am without a DVR!!!I have had a DVR in my life for the past three years, be it through satellite or digital cable and I expected this year to be just like the others. However I was shocked and appalled […]
  • Me.com
    It's OK - I'll admit to it.My name is David, and I am an AOL user.((HI David!))When cable internet first arrived at my home in 2002, I was ecstatic. Finally, I could surf the Web the same way I had at school, using just a browser and an IM client. I said "Ciao" to the [...]
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