• Calm after the Storm
    A REVIEW OF SORTS: I ran off to the local Verizon Wireless store in the company of fellow nerds Sunday, eager to get my hands on Blackberry's "Storm" model just released for VZW. Spare the further weather puns, the Storm seems impressive at first glimpse but fails to completely leave me in awe. Clearly the big difference [...]
  • Vista, Round 2
    Wow! I seem to have struck a nerve. 6 comments off of one post is awesome! I'd like to respond briefly to my previous post and the responses I got regarding Vista and Windows 2007. Yes, I got the vocabulary mixed and complained about Vista when actually Word 2007 was giving [...]
  • And the Struggle Continues...
    HDCP in New Apple Laptops I wonder how long it will be before this ridiculous dance comes to an end. It's been coming to a head for the past decade, and it's been intensifying. My generation utilizes technology in almost every facet of our lives. When we legally buy a piece of media, we expect to [...]
  • Vista -> The Devil
    Windows Vista actually made me cry this morning. I want to pummel whoever thought it would be a good idea to completely reformat a program that half the world has been using for years and that made perfect sense the way it was set up. It was such a simple thing, too, that [...]
  • Toasted Cheese
    I have come across the most helpful tool in my current development as a Creative Writing major. As part of an assignment on reviewing an online literary magazine, someone in my class presented on www.toasted-cheese.com Apart from having a cool name, this website not only has awesome stories that it publishes, but it [...]
  • History is made.
    We've made note of those Obama messages on this blog before. Here's another I just received: We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion to this campaign. All of this happened because of you. Thanks, Barack
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