• I know language changes, but not that much!
    Writing is one of the main focuses in education. Since I was in elementary school, I can remember being told time and time again how important it is to write well and express yourself in an eloquent and intelligent manner. And because they taught us that, and so often, I never think twice when writing [...]
  • Music crossing boundaries . . . or technology
    ...."my love," sang Justin Timberlake over the radio at the bus stop this afternoon.... I smiled as I noticed the woman next to me waiting for the bus singing along. Well actually, all she was able to vocally keep up with throughout the song was "my love" because when she was my age she was [...]
  • Women Work IT
    MUNCIE, IN - Sponsored by the likes of Verizon, BP, Cisco, and Nortel among others, Ball State University hosted its first Women Working in Technology conference today. If my name or picture doesn't give it away, I'm a man. Why did I attend? Two words: Insider information. For the survival of the race, our two species must interact... and often at work. So, I figured being in a room of over 100 professional women for eight or nine hours would be a good cultural immersion experience. Here's a swatch* of interesting things I learned at the conference. Virtual Worlds Sarah …
  • A Digital Move
    Moving is a stressful task. I've moved at least three times and the hassle that comes along with that type of change can really make a person go crazy. But what about when you change your cell phone number? Landline phones are the minority now so when you change your cell phone number it's almost [...]
  • Politics as Usual - Pretty Unappealing
    As many of my fellow college students have expressed to me in the recent weeks, the once-exciting presidential election has disenchanted many of us with the constant mudslinging between candidates and spin from news networks. Does anyone really care about reverends, aside comments (re-publicized and analyzed out of context) or bowling scores? I would hasten [...]
  • Peace of Mind
    5:39 AM EST I felt the earth move under my bed! As part of my morning routine I had pressed my snooze button on my alarm when it went off at 5:30 AM EST, and when I felt the shake I was reviewing in my head what I would be doing today... in fact I initially [...]
  • Starting a data revolution
    What's the buzz in the Facebook sphere? Facebook Lexicon now gives us an answer, with bonus historical perspective! The service, playing off Google Trends and similar aggregate counting sites, digs through the content of Facebook Walls and allows users to search for popular terms. The service then charts the use of these words on dynamic graphs [...]
  • Playing God
    Sometimes I get the feeling I've become numb to real life. Google has released new features for its "Google Earth" program. For those who don't know (doubtful) Google Earth "offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches." Basically you get to play God. Want to know what Indianapolis, IN looks like? Use [...]
  • Blu-ray Statistics
    While attempting to bolster the argument I set forth in a paper titled "The Seven Signs of the Broadcast Television Apocalypse", I came across this site:http://www.blu-raystats.com/It has all you never wanted to know about who's making all the moolah off of Blu-ray.
  • Sync it, G
    I'm willingly tied to Google Calendar as my main scheduling agent. I've struggled dealing with GCal and Microsoft Outlook's Calendar since obtaining my Palm Treo this summer. I'm so happy with Google Calendar that I refuse to use Outlook for personal uses, but yet there was no easy interface for my mobile device. Up until [...]
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