• Reader Comment of the Week
    No technology will remove the need for a community or a study space, libraries will always exist. As for reading online, Paper like displays are just around the corner. I to prefer to read in a paper format vs [...]
  • You actually read books in college?!
    I remember a time in high school when it seemed every English teacher and librarian given five minutes to soapbox would whisper about how computers are the end of libraries as we know them. Ominous visions of book burnings, craters overflowing with Wordsworth, ill-educated people speaking in IM-abbreviations... the horror. In academia, the digital front is [...]
  • The Curse of Cursive
    I don't really remember learning to type. Sure, I recall classes with Mavis Bacon and boxes over the keyboards of a Macintosh with an 1/8 of the processing power that my PocketPC has now. I also recall not doing well in those classes. I remember pecking at the keys after using AOL to dial-up into my buddy [...]
  • Thinking Big About Small
    Things are getting smaller. I notice evidence of this every day, almost everywhere I go. Today, I brought my car in for service. My car itself is proof that you can fit a lot of "stuff" into a small space. I'm one of those people that pride themselves on having the latest and greatest when it [...]
  • I want THAT phone!
    I've been traveling through Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam) for the past couple weeks and I've noticed many cell phone stores in several of the malls. They've caught my attention mainly because there are just so many different models of phones. I wonder why all these cool phones aren't available in [...]
  • IMVU-Beyond Instant Messaging
    Instant messaging and then some! Wow, I stumbled upon the IMVU site this week. It was a pop-up on my Myspace page, and I got curious. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I've never heard of this one. All of the sites that offer new worlds like this one are interesting to me, but [...]
  • Why fight it?
    I read an article today about how Purdue University has the second largest population of students who are illegally downloading music. I did a yahoo search for free downloading sites that produced 11,200,000 links. Now, while I'm sure that not all of them were relevant to my particular topic, I wonder why it is [...]
  • If Only I Had a DVR...
    I haven't watched daytime television since middle school-and that was only because I was pretending to be sick to miss school. Since then, work, school and meetings block themselves into my agenda daily and I am lucky to be home before 8:00 at night. But last week, and amazing thing happened-Ball State closed for two [...]
  • Keeping an 'i' out
    Growing up in a household with a military background, I'm used to being watched over, monitored, and kept track of. My parents did it. They still do, to some extent. Now, my friends do it. "Where are you?" "What are you doing?" "When can you be here?" It's almost as though your friends have become [...]
  • Dirrrrty Pop
    "Sick and tired of hearing All these people talk about What's the deal with this pop life? And when is gonna fade out?" This past weekend I heard someone complain about how pop culture is crap. They argued that knowing about Britney's hair contributes nothing to society. I must admit that I do too think at times some people [...]
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