• It's a Matter of Trust
    I'm taking a philosophy class this semester. While it certainly requires a special brand of masochism to willfully subject myself to futile religious debate and a preponderance of ill-referenced Nietzche quotations, what I'm really learning is that one of the core concerns of philosophy is semantics. I repeatedly imagine my professor saying - [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    Oh boy you touched a nerve here. "I am of the attitude that style is something you have and not something you buy." So all your clothes are from thift stores and you are full of style. C'mon man. Last I checked style costs money or the homeless guy down the block would be the latest in chic.
  • The Mac Attack
    To be frank, I think this post is way overdue. So I'll choose my words very carefully. Macs suck. From the operating system to the price; from the Mac Zealots to all important iCrap I have to buy. Let me begin by having a short conversation about the operating system on the Mac. I [...]
  • Again with the Wii
    Being snowed in for two days really can make a person restless. But having the Nintendo Wii is a fabulous tool to curb the downtime. I've registered a few friends Wii's to my [roommate's] Wii and can see all their Mii's. Remember Mii's are the avatar you can create for the Wii that represents [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    Finally "hit" you, huh? Wow! That would've been a profound statement if it were made in about umm, 1996! And if you were seriously watching the Grammies expecting to see some real innovation, then brother, keep on Wal Marting it up. [...]
  • Is Mass Media Killing Our Culture?
    I just sat through a good portion of the Grammies with some friends of mine and we were all talking about music, what we like, what we don't. And it hit me. Nothing that I saw performed was written by the performers. All the thought and energy of one of the biggest [...]
  • Public vs. Private
    I've started a new habit recently. It's one of those things that you initially think is something you only do by yourself. Everybody does it. But often you find yourself thinking it would be a lot more fun if you had someone to share it with. And I've found this cool website that lets people [...]
  • Trim Spa Baby! Riiiight...
    So my new year's resolution is to be healthier. Now if you knew my workout habits and eating habits last year this is not very hard goal. But I am really working my butt off, going to the gym 4-5 times a week and eating healthy food. When I am at the gym and doing [...]
  • 6.5 Million People = 6.5 Million Potential Advertisers
    We all have a favorite pair of jeans. They're faded from wear, and fit perfectly every time. When we wear these jeans, they don't say: "I never shrink in the wash." What they do say is: "I'm from the GAP." It is no new idea that our bodies are walking billboards for advertisers. Strolling [...]
  • The Wow starts...now?
    This is the block title on the homepage for Windows Vista. The most prominent technology company in the world has this as the tagline of their flagship product? A lot of things make me go "wow": The Rocky Mountains, The Statue of Liberty, Air show stunt pilots. However, I don't think [...]
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