• Reader Comment of the Week
    There is too much controversy in advertising. I mean if I have to see another hetrosexual couple kiss on tv I'm going to get sick. Don't get me wrong, many of my best friends are straight and I don't have a problem with their lifestyle-what they do behind closed doors is their business. [...]
  • I Could go for a Snickers....haha.....
    Congratulations Snickers! After the Superbowl, everytime I see a snickers bar, I laugh...I feel a little sick, but laugh. Though extremely upsetting, the snickers commercial was successful in their marketing. So we were all sitting in front of the big screen and in a matter of seconds we were all laughing, and then we were [...]
  • Take off your Damn Ipod, Kill your TV
    For one of my classes I am helping out an outreach program for senior citizens. I went in today with my partner Laura and gathered some information about the organization. The questions and answers will help us during the auditing process to ensure they receive the best results possible. The results we hope will help [...]
  • Protecting the iCulture
    My iPod goes wherever I do. I've determined I can leave my phone, wallet, cash, and sense of self at home; as long as I've got that shiny black gadget, I'm good to go. But now, people like me are starting to become more and more frustrated with the incompatibility of purchased music with a wider [...]
  • Our View on SuperBowl Ads
    This was a pretty exciting year for football fans in the Midwest. Every college student I know watched the SuperBowl. If they weren't cheering for the teams, they were waiting for the ads. Being a college student and having direct access to this demographic, I wanted to offer a few observations and reactions from my [...]
  • Monosapiens vs Multisapiens and how this impacts EVERYONE
    I can be described as a polyglot. At a very early age, I discovered the connection I have toward other languages and to diversity in general. In fact, while a kid, I always dreamed of being a translator. One of my early goals was to add Italian and English to my repertoire. Perhaps, my background [...]
  • It's that time again...
    Rock the Vote! Take back our Congress! A New Direction! That's right, it's...election season? Sorry, but didn't we just finish being democratic a couple of months ago? Due in part to the magic of New Media, each candidate now has the chance to whore himself for nearly two full years. [...]
  • To Play or not Play
    I recently purchased the Playstation 3. $600 - not sure who the target market was with a price like that. But it was worth it. I initially bought it for the BluRay alone, I thought I was past the point in my life where video games were important (especially if I have [...]
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