• Don't tell Playstation, but I kind of want a Wii
    Nintendo's Wii has taken the gaming world by storm and I'm missing out. I've been reading about it: it's not just a gaming console - to some, it is a lifestyle. The integration of interactive game play has given the Wii its ultimate success, from orchestrating a 2-minute drill while being a [...]
  • Getting a charge
    Over the summer I found myself stranded numerous times in various airports because of FAA problems, weather and general misfortune. While in Washington/Reagan during a particularly hellish day, I found myself standing in lengthy lines for airline customer service while on the phone with friends and family. Eventually, my phone went dead. Some airports seem [...]
  • A new message for Constitution Day
    Last Monday was Constitution Day (the anniversary of the day the constitution was signed). Being fully entrenched in my student teaching experience I felt compelled to look into what resources are available from media sources to address this important event. Specifically, I wanted to address the importance of the Bill of Rights. I found videos, [...]
  • I Love Skype
    As a Brazilian graduate student who just moved 5,000 miles from home, I can't say I share the fixation many of my American friends have towards their cell phones. I am, however, a huge fan of Skype. My family and I discovered Skype about a year ago (I think it was a friend in IT who [...]
  • Facebook and Google - A Scary Combo
    I have posted on this blog before that I love Google. It is the best search engine out there, and let's face it - it saves us all a lot of time. But last week the friendly team at Facebook notified all of us social-networkers that they are teaming up to make our personal information [...]
  • Travelling the Superairway
    I travel a great deal. I've flown through a majority of this country's larger metropolitan airports, and I have to say ... some are a little more impressive than others. Even before 9/11, air travel had the potential to be an unnerving experience for the unseasoned traveler. To help ease tension, the airlines try their best [...]
  • VMAs = BIG Dissapointment
    Like many I'm sure, I tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards the other night, especially to see Britney Spears make her "comeback" performance. Am I a fan of Britney Spears? No. Am I sick of hearing about her? You bet. But I respected MTV for capitalizing on her ridiculous antics and realizing that Britney, [...]
  • Uniting Media and Education
    With the onset of the internet, the opportunities for media to work with the pubic educational system have expanded exponentially. In many ways media agencies and teachers alike have grabbed the opportunity. I personally try to use internet resources to try and improve my teaching. When student teaching a psychology class I used audio clips [...]
  • The Mobile Bargain?
    "Do you have any coupons?" This is a common retail question that has recently been undergoing a facelift. With the introduction of clip-free coupons and store specific cards, customers fumbling through wallets or frantically searching key chains for their 'extra care' or 'fresh idea' card is an all too familiar retail scenario. As someone who works part time at local drug store, I frequently notice that loyalty card searches, teamed with even more wallet digging in search of Sunday paper coupons, turn a simple transaction into a shopping nightmare accompanied with long lines and quick tempers. But wait, it gets …
  • Textual difficulties
    A business executive is more hip than I. While boarding a plane following vacation, I can't help but notice the older man in suit and tie typing away on his Palm Treo phone. It's one of those phones with a small QWERTY keyboard on the bottom, the type that requires the peck of a finger or [...]
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