• Leaving the Intellectual Frontier
    The Honest to God Truth Two words: Delicious and Diigo. Now that I'm in my four year of college, I realize that I don't need Facebook, I don't need Twitter, LinkedIn, an itouch, an ipad. I just don't need that stuff. In all my years in school, I found that I use Delicious and Diigo bookmarking [...]
  • Facebook, you bore me.
    Today one of my friends posted his Facebook status as "Facebook, you bore me." My initial thought was, "well then why are you even on Facebook if it's so boring?" But then it got me thinking. All this technology we have available to us is supposed to make our lives easier right? Information [...]
  • Ebony the Entrepreneur?
    I recall once in class, a few classmates and I had a discussion on plans post-graduation. I startled everyone when I announced quite confidently that I was not in a rush to find a job. I had always envisioned myself working for myself and I only came to college to get the licensing to do [...]
  • The convenient encyclopedia
    Wikipedia is awesome. I understand that an elementary school P.E. teacher could write about organic chemistry and publish it for the world to see. And yes, many of the people who see it will probably mistake it for fact. But seriously, how many elementary school P.E. teachers go online to write about organic chemistry when they [...]
  • Why Don't I Have a Twitter Account?
    Lately, I have heard many reasons as to why i should get a Twitter account. I have heard that it is a great way to receive quick information from some of your favorite businesses, organizations, or your friends. However, I still am not too convinced to use my own. I was actually required to create [...]
  • The better testing utensil
    Finals week is never fun. In fact, it is probably the most stressful, hectic week of the semester. Taking six or seven classes always seems appealing when I register for classes because it means that I am getting a lot of classes out of the way. Once finals week rolls around and there are six [...]
  • Attempting Slowness
    This semester I took a sociology course and we discussed the slow movement. When I first heard about the slow movement, I had no idea of what my professor was talking about. We read a book titled The Praise of Slowness.
  • Digital Nerd
    I like to know where I stand in my classes. Everyone has that one professor that treats your grade as if it is some secret number that no one has access to. Not even you. Growing up, I had to meet with my teachers to find out what my grade was at any given moment. They [...]
  • Let's hope the North Pole doesn't have dial-up.
    Did you ever write a letter to Santa? I'm sure I did. I can't really remember anything specific I asked for or how old I was, but hey, what little kid didn't want to tell Santa what she would like for Christmas? Of course, I used a pencil and paper, maybe some crayons. Kids these days [...]
  • I have Seen the Future...and it's Still Facebook (for now)
    I need to first start off by saying that I COMPLETELY agree with Bobby's comments on the social platforms of yesteryear. I do however wonder about the social and technological impacts of Facebook, not to mention the cultural significance. These are things that no other social network has been able to accomplish. With that being [...]
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