• E-reader? Or the Old fashioned book?
    A couple years ago, I was interested in buying a Kindle so that I wouldn't have to buy anymore textbooks. Then I was a little unclear about whether my textbooks were accessible through the Kindle and that would have defeated the purpose of purchasing one. I would only purchase an e-reader to keep from having [...]
  • Video Game Satisfaction..Guaranteed!
    Watch this TED Talk Video! Many of us have probably played video games at least once in our lives. Do remember how you felt when you played it again? Did you ever play that game again? You should ask yourself, why or why not? This Ted Talk was about video games and how they appeal to [...]
  • Why Our Opinion Matters...
    Going in to this blogging process I was excited initially at the fact that I would get to interact first hand with industry professionals on a platform that lets me express myself as far as this whole big media universe is concerned. I must say that I feel completely awesome to have even been considered by [...]
  • Facebook's not forever
    I spent three days in Kansas City for a conference on college honors programs last month. Before leaving for the trip, I chose a few sessions that I wanted to attend. One session stood out to me: "How to effectively use social media in honors programs." If you read my earlier post, you already know that [...]
  • Fantasy Media
    My guilty pleasure is fantasy football. I check my fantasy team on ESPN at least once each day and am always looking for a way to improve my team. Because I keep up with the NFL on a daily basis, I can say that I have done pretty well to this point in the season. Not [...]
  • Video game avatars: good for Mii!
    My boyfriend won a Wii this summer, and we've been playing it often lately, staying indoors to avoid the bitter cold outside. He has only one game: Wii Sports. No matter, though. Something I enjoy just as much as virtual tennis or baseball is creating the Miis, or the Wii's central avatars. I love making Miis! [...]
  • The All-Knowing Omnipresent Cloud
    That creepy, creepy, creepy ass cloud. Most people know very little in the way of how cloud computing pretty much changes everything. My first explanation on cloud computing came in a session with the Center for Media Design during my junior year. We were talking about usage and how we feel the Internet could work better [...]
  • Cyber Funday
    Happy Belated Cyber Monday! Marketing blogger Laura Lake of About.com posted statistics for the biggest online shopping day in America this year: -Online retailers saw a 20% year over year increase in sales for Cyber Monday 2010. [...]
  • I've got my head in the clouds
    I'm sure you've all seen the new Windows commercials, with the tagline "To the cloud, with Windows Live." Now, these are mildly amusing commercials I guess, but just from the commercial, it's hard to know what exactly "the cloud" or Windows Live is. Unfortunately, that is not what this post is about. While googling to try [...]
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