• Part 1 of 3: Summer Contact - Digsby
    For the second summer in a row, I'm spending the summer in Washington DC. Unlike last summer however, I don't have classes and homework so I have a bunch of free time. As a result, I announced plans at the end of the spring semester to keep in close touch with my college friends [...]
  • Summer Media Usage (Going to Have Me a Blast ...)
    Well, summer's finally here. You know what that means: beautiful sunny days; crippling allergies, and decreased media usage. Throughout the school year (or at least for this most recent semester), I was probably on my computer for 10 hours out of the day (keep in mind that I was doing a research immersion [...]
  • Learning about the other side of the Facebook ad
    So - I purchased my first Facebook ad last week. Well, my organization bought it, but you know what I mean. The process is so straight forward, it's scary. Yet, at the same time it is overwhelming. Like Twitter, there is a character limitation on the title and body of the ad. [...]
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