• Reader Comment of the Week
    As a Verizon subscriber I would prefer to stick with Verizon as well. They have the best network in my experience, but that changes every year as companies upgrade their networks. And apparently people aren't basing their decisions on that alone [...]
  • Will consumers take a bite of Apple's iPhone?
    An interesting piece on why Apple's iPhone is likely to take a Red Delicious-sized bite of the market than a McIntosh-sized share. From Fastcompany.com: Apple experts, such as MacWorld's Chris Breen, and Editorial Director Jason Snell, argue that the company is unlikely to dominate the cell phone market the way it does the music player market. [...]
  • I want it!
    It hasn't hit the market (or even started production) yet, but I just might be in love with the prototype laptop designed by Ziba and Intel. The Metro is the thinnest notebook thus far, measuring around 0.7 inches thick and weighing in at 2.25 lbs. It sports a snazzy, leather-like folio cover with outer digital [...]
  • A 'poke' of sorts
    Advertisers and marketers - Have you found a way to integrate your product or service as an application/feature in Facebook? You are fools if you haven't. As mentioned at Outfront, this type of marketing pattern flows seamlessly with the audience using Facebook. If your Facebook gadget serves a Facebook profile need or want, your name will gladly be [...]
  • Facebook: Starting to become my favorite.
    Facebook's newest attraction 'applications' are like widgets. I love my iMac dashboard and picking widgets. This is exactly what Facebook has given me. This will definitely be taking time away from MySpace. I've added iLike, Horoscopes, Causes and Compass. Compass puts me on a political spectrum somewhere between conservative [...]
  • Facebook finds its (Market)place
    Move the hell over Craigslist! Forget you, silly paper classified ads! Facebook Marketplace is here. These crafty little ads are nothing new, really. Most students have been using Facebook's "Share" or "Events" feature to market their old books, used couches and even cute dogs. Now Facebook has made space for users to do this freely - and [...]
  • And Now, Your Local Farecast
    As I'm living in Boston for the summer, I'm likely to miss a few fun events back home in Indiana. Yes, really - there are fun things in Indiana beside those damn race cars. I digress. I have plans on making it back for a few random events, such as Fort Wayne's Three Rivers Festival and John [...]
  • Don't Forget
    It's 5:18, according to the obnoxiously bright LED readout of the alarm clock next to my bed. Quite early to have another one of these "revelations" of yet something else I've managed to forget. This happens a lot. My life seems to be comprised more of a sequence of "remembering things I forgot" rather than "sticking [...]
  • Advertising isn't Dead
    I'm studying abroad with 8 other college ladies in the U.K. for the next few weeks. We're studying Jane Austen, and for one of our assignments we were asked to watch the new 'Becoming Jane' movie and compare the plot with the events in Austen's actual life. For the purpose of this blog, I will [...]
  • Digital Media in the Clasroom
    How useful are laptops in education?  A study released by the US Department of Education last month is claiming that they may not be as beneficial as once thought.  I've heard all the complaints about students not using the computers for educational purposes and instead surfing the web, instant messaging, and accessing inappropriate material.  But there is also a huge push for put laptops in the hand of every student in every school.  This may sound nice and exciting but there are many problems.As an education major at BSU I am constantly exposed to the use of computers …
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