• Hangin' Around
    BOSTON - I write from the courtyard of the Boston Public Library, enjoying a sunny, 60-degree afternoon in an outdoor venue with free WiFi. I'm on a 10-week internship with mtvU's College Media Network in Boston, so Craigslist became my best friend while apartment hunting weeks ago. I landed my summer sublet after some [...]
  • My life as a media parasite
    I hasten to make any major generalizations about my age group's media usage. You have those who buy/sell/create/destroy/live/breath media. Then there are the Amish. And then there is me: a self-professed and proud media parasite. I fall somewhere in the middle. I consume a lot of media, but purchase very, very little of it. In [...]
  • The Outfront Conference and Pew Internet's new report
    Hi. First I want to say thank you to everyone at the Outfront conference two weeks ago for having us. Most importantly I want to specifically thank Jane Clarke for being our moderator and an all around wonderful person. You made the panel and conference fun. Also thanks to Joe Mandese [...]
  • VIDEO: Sean and Dave Episode 1
    A video from Sean and Dave shot in Ball State's TV News Room.
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