• Sidewalks
    In about a week, after nearly a month of house-sitting, I will be moving into my new apartment. Although I'm pumped about my move off campus, there is one downfall. No sidewalks. When I convinced myself that I was going to train for a marathon about two years ago, I bought the necessaries: Nutrition for [...]
  • Blogs to Books
    Among the various RSS feeds in my Google Reader account are a few satirical and humor-based sites providing a welcomed break from hard news. Oddly enough, they all have books now: Tucker Max & Book(s) Drew Curtis' Fark.com & Book Of recent fame among my Web-nerd circles: Hot Chicks with [feminine hygiene product here] & ... yes, really: Book And [...]
  • Thinking Ahead
    As I move into my very first solo apartment, I'm forced to follow a fairly strict budget. In an attempt to cut some corners, I've been contemplating unsubscribing to cable TV (gasp!). I know. A few months ago I would never have entertained such a ridiculous thought, but as I face the reality of my [...]
  • Complicated Simplification
    Upon reading Amanda's article titled "Tech Procrastination" and reflecting upon my own personal (iPhone-related) struggles over the past couple of days, I've come to ask myself a question. Is the complicated, technological struggle through which we put ourselves worth the ultimate simplification of life that we desire? Speaking less generally, let me cite the recent [...]
  • Crawl before you ... search
    Google said Monday that it's super-spider has learned to crawl Flash. A) Developers might want to pay a little bit more attention to their object names. Cutesy pet names for stubborn buttons could become a little more obvious. B) Suddenly Flash isn't such a bad thing for search results.
  • What About Grandma?
    At family parties when I was younger, all the cousins would squabble for possession over whatever gaming console was in the house. While the boys would spend most the afternoon playing Golden Eye, the girls would be fighting to play the greatest, best video game God has ever given man on the face of the [...]
  • Tech Procrastination
    I have heard of early adopters to technology and late adopters to technology. I propose another class of people like me: tech procrastinators. We buy the gadgets, read the instructions, but then can't be bothered to actually figure out and use these gadgets properly. I would argue that generally, it takes someone else to push [...]
  • Supporting your fans' habits
    John Mayer launched his new tour site today with an awesome networking and collaboration component demonstrating a musician truly connected with his fans. Similar to the way Barack Obama's site localizes content for users based on their location, Mayer's site includes a show page for each night of his tour. Within that page (here's one) exists [...]
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