• Technology in the Classroom
    Last week in one of my education classes, we discussed the importance of technology in our personal lives and in the classroom. As a class, we agreed that, on a scale of 1 to 10, our need for technology is a 10. We use it for communication, entertainment, research, etc. It's hard [...]
  • Home Networks or Why I Really Enjoy Living with a Tech-savvy Roommate
    I recently moved to a new house... same town, same zip code... only about 7 blocks from my old house, really. But the house is much larger than my old one, and I've now got two roommates, one of which is quite knowledgeable about web programming, networks, and computers, in general. So why is this [...]
  • Psuedo-Current Events and How They Relate to Me
    There's an internal debate raging inside me: Google's efforts to digitize the whole of world's printed texts. At face value, it seems like it could be a good idea: all of the world's texts available to anyone, anywhere. And as I originally wrote this post, it consisted largely of praise for e-documents, especially the portability [...]
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