• I have discovered the Android...and the world has changed
    I never understood people with smartphones. I didn't understand how a person could be so warped and consumed by a piece of handheld technology...until I obtained one of my own. I used to have an ordinary Samsung Behold which I thought was something special at first because it had touch screen and easier access to [... ]
  • Turkey, Potatoes, and Kinect
    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited my father and his family in California for the majority of the break. Normally it would have been a relaxing weekend, enjoying the small comforts of family and food. However when I arrived, I discovered that my father had recently purchased a Kinect for my little brother. Being the [...]
  • Back From Abesence, And The Beatles Join The Fray
    Hey readers! I'm back after a long unwarranted absence. Between Thanksgiving errands and my schools fall semester coming to a close, I have had very little time to think about something worth writing about. Regardless I'm back, and I want to touch on the subject of my last entry. A couple of weeks ago I [...]
  • 1-50 of... 649!
    A couple years ago, I switched over to Gmail as my primary email account. I honestly can't remember who told me about Gmail or what attracted me to the site initially, but I think a big part of it was the unlimited storage. Instead of deleting my emails, I send them to archives, [...]
  • A Sense of Direction
    I've always had sort of mixed feelings about buying a GPS. My initial thought was, "why should I spend hundreds of dollars on a GPS when I can just look up directions ahead of time for free?" I'm still a strong proponent of just getting directions in advance, either by asking someone who [...]
  • iKnow iKnow...iNeed to move on to something non-Apple-y...
    BUT THIS IS SO COOL!!! The day Steve Jobs unveiled the new Nano, he mentioned in passing that one of his board members was planning to wear it as a watch. If you're like me, you probably thought, "cool. Let's move onto something more interesting." So I'm a little surprised to experience this "whoah!" shockwave. Weeks later, Jobs' small mention of it has revamped my Christmas list-and might even help to revolutionize the watch industry.
  • Top Ten Things Professional Should Know About College Students
    In my final post, I shall make Ball State University and David Letterman proud... Top Ten Things Professional Should Know About College Students 10. Foursquare is a game we played in elementary school, not something we use on the Internet. 9. Nothing is official until Facebook says it is. 8. Twitter will never be as [...]
  • Twitter Abuse
    2 Things I have two different people in mind, each with their own unique methods of tweeting. When I first joined Twitter, I did so for a class, and not for personal use. I did not see an immediate need for Twitter, and I did not get tweeting. I was mostly a Facebook poster, and the [...]
  • He's Climbing in Your Windows
    Do you know who this guy is? That is Antoine Dodson and he is a star thanks to YouTube. If you haven't seen him, you need to look at the following two websites: http://alturl.com/cqakf followed by http://alturl.com/ygfvx. This video became viral by the use of YouTube and Facebook. Last night, I even came across a [...]
  • A little nostalgia and simplicity go a long way.
    Whenever I watch CMT, my dad always comes in and says something like, "I think one of the biggest wastes of time and money is the music video. I just don't understand it." As far as some music videos go, I would agree. Some are cool works of art, but yes - some are just white [...]
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