• Swipe My Face
    A random Facebook NewsFeed item brought my attention to Bank of America's Photo Expressions credit card. The premise of the card: Upload or mail in a picture of your choice and have it displayed as the background (2?x2?) of your credit card. Want it changed? That's free as often as we'd like. Using the site as [...]
  • Unless you have MD attached to your name, no, you are NOT a doctor.
    Hypochondriacs are prevalent in today's society, but with the power of the internet, apparently we have developed into cyberchondriacs too. When we visit websites like WebMD.com our initial intentions are to just get an idea of why we are feeling so ill. As we all know (and I know you have done this at [...]
  • Blame it all on the cell phone
    As our previous posts on this blog have anecdotally suggested, the wireless telephone market is statistically beating out the land line realm, The New York Times reports: WASHINGTON (AP) - With Americans cutting the cord to their land lines, 2007 is likely to be the first calendar year in which U.S. households spend more on cell [...]
  • Targeted marketing at its finest
    Out of last-minute-shopping panic (and interest) I visited Gifts.com this weekend anxiously trying to find presents for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones in my life. It has officially become one of my favorite websites. For those who haven't visited the site, gift suggestions are broken down by recipient, by interest and by occasion, among others. Within [...]
  • Dear Santa ...
    What's on my list this year: GPS Navigation System - The parents want this one just as bad. iPod - Not the touch, I want to store music on my MP3 Player .. not just have a flashy toy Bluetooth GPS receiver for the Palm Treo (great to use with Google Maps Mobile) HD Television - This one is [...]
  • Watching ads . . . and enjoying them!
    Last night I came across a great commercial. Not sure it's new in the industry, but it's new to me and it was fascinating. The entire commercial was a headshot of a model. The headshot transformed from before hair, make-up, lighting, and photoshop...to after. The transformation was unbelievable. I was almost [...]
  • News Corporated
    On my way home from a business trip Friday I picked up a copy of The Wall Street Journal in La Guardia. Flipping through the A section pages I stumbled across Rupert Murdoch/News Corp.'s "my manhood is larger than yours" multiple-page advertisement. If your readers are already doubting your ability to provide fair news, this propaganda [...]
  • Web Sites: An Industry MUST!
    Imagine going to a store with brick walls all the way around so you couldn't enter the building to make a purchase. You'd think the owner was crazy. Yet, that's what businesses are doing when they don't have a Web site. How do businesses stay in business without a Web site? [...]
  • Seasons e-greetings
    Every year I have the best of intentions to send out real holiday cards with moving, life-changing messages to colleagues, family members, friends and neighbors. For anyone who knows me, you know this has never happened. This year, the convenience of sending e-cards has been seriously appealing though there seems to be an intense debate [...]
  • Oh, Technology
    This past week was finals week for Ball State students. A time where every undergrad's blood pressure is at an ultimate high and the end of the semester seems so close, but yet so far away. Conveniently (and I say this in the most sarcastic way possible) my roommate's laptop crashed. Now, I hope you [...]
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