• Nothing to Blog Home About
    You know what I love?  Having absolutely nothing to say about technology for the past three weeks.  I tried.  I started to post an entry here multiple times during that fortnight plus seven days.  But, alas (or hallelujah), I had nothing worthwhile to say about technology.Sure, I used the slow-as-molasses Internet (thank you, Grandma) at an Internet cafe in Mexico during Spring Break.  And, yeah, I read the news about the 700MHz auction.  I even saw that Amazon.com is now, apparently, the number two online music seller after iTunes (http://www.usatoday.com/money/media/2008-03-25-sony-music-service_N.htm).  I checked out Hulu, I looked for cologne …
  • If a file is shared (pirated) in a quiet dorm room . . .
    and no one is there to see it happen . . . is anyone affected? Yes. By no means is this a new topic, but it was recently discussed in one of my Telecommunications classes and it peaked a lot of students' interest and was quite controversial. It's the topic on file sharing and pirated [...]
  • iWant my podcast now
    I long for a time when my iPod will download content while I'm on the go. I downloaded the CNN podcast this morning when I docked my iPod, but I haven't docked that iPod since then. In fact, I won't dock that iPod until I get home tonight, maybe even tomorrow morning. Lame. Now I'll [...]
  • My smartphone issues: SOLVED!
    Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions to help me solve my smartphone issues. I purchased my HTC Tilt from AT&T, with a data plan, 450 minutes/month and my very first Bluetooth. Overall, I could not be happier. I will say that having a smartphone does complicate some areas of my life. With my old phone, it [...]
  • "You don't need a man to have sex"
    As I was flipping through the TV channels last week, I stopped on the Nickelodeon channel. I wanted to watch a sitcom to help wind down from a long day. Nothing makes me relax like a good laugh. Anyway, on March 19th at 9:15pm EST, the George Lopez Show was airing on the Nickelodeon channel. [...]
  • A new fave
    Alright, how can you bring a jock, nerd, blonde beauty and class clown together in one room and have their attention? No..the jock isn't beating up the nerd. One URL...www.hulu.comThis week I walked into one of my classrooms and found each one of these people watching the "nerd's" computer intently as he navigated the site. [...]
  • Through the airwaves: And old standby saves the day
    NEW YORK - When I arrived here Saturday for a convention, I took the usual cab ride into Manhattan from LaGuardia. As we pulled off FDR into the east side area, we noticed traffic was bad. OK - it's New York, traffic is always bad. Still, our driver seem particularly agitated. He knew something was going on. [...]
  • Not a fan of online travel reservations
    Prior to my spring break trip I booked my reservations online. I had always been a skeptic about online reservations in the past, but after witnessing my friend do it with no problems at all, I was finally a believer and vowed to give it a try. So I went to the Greyhound [...]
  • Hulu is the new iTunes, but for TV!
    I'm excited...I've talked about in the past how I really like watching my favorite television shows online. I think it's very convenient (especially for those of us who do not have a DVR) and the commercials are far from obnoxious. I had a friend of mine tell me about hulu.com and I thought it was really [...]
  • Short Technology
    Up until recently, I thought technology was everything. Access. Speed. Communication. Etc. However, after I volunteered over the weekend, I realized that technology does not allow for people to network. Yes, of course they can network, but not initially. When creating new contacts by meeting new people who can further the opportunities of your future.... [...]
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