• No more ranting...at least not this time
    I'll be the first to admit that my blog posts are often...less than positive. I have been blessed with the cynical gift - that is, the ability to find something to complain about in nearly any situation. Well, time now for a change of pace. I've actually found something I like. [...]
  • Is geek now chic?
    I will admit that I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed geek. I enjoy reading gadget blogs, drooling over the latest products from Apple, spending hours coding websites using a plain text editor, and sharing in the ever so popular Mac vs. PC debate. I dress as fashionably as my budget will allow and keep myself well groomed. According to Ricky Montalvo, I may be a technosexual. What is a technosexual you may ask? Montalvo, the man who coined the term, says a technosexual is a term for people who are into lifestyle, fashion, home, grooming. But we take (it) one …
  • 2.53 inches of jittery splendor
    I'm a big fan of video. I fully surrendered years ago to the fact that I'm a huge walking case of ADD - just like the rest of my generation. It's much easier to watch something than to actually use more than 6% of our brain interpreting sequential strings of words into ideas. And now video [...]
  • Boys and their toys: Why I hate video games - Part I
    I hate video games. Seriously. I hate them. All. More than that, I hate that video games- despite my avidly avoiding them- can still affect my life. Let me explain. My long distance boyfriend is twenty four years old. Steve is a college grad working and preparing for law school. He loves video games. He spends his [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    I thought the videos were pretty funny. I think the real lesson though, is from the sponsor. Dewars could have done what it seems every other advertiser is doing on the web these days and just run a plug-and-play pre-roll ad that [...]
  • ONN
    The Onion - America's Finest News Source Behold, America: The Onion is now in television. OK - so it's just the Web, but as far as I'm concerned the net IS television 2.0. Nonetheless, I was psyched as ever after watching (and continually re-watching) the Onion News Network promo, but it's first few clips leave me disappointed. Perhaps [...]
  • I received a rotten Apple...
    So this past week my apple crashed. (Sigh) I was so good to her, and loved her well...but she was acting kind of funny. She was distant, and got heated up very quickly. I must admit I did push her buttons, but what I though was right was really just wrong. In order to keep [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    Call it withdrawal, call it freedom, call it torture, call it humorous. But whatever you call it, the idea of living without one's Facebook or even MySpace is a daunting concept for most teens and young adults. As a high school teacher, I decided to ask my students how they would react if MySpace suddenly disappeared. [...]
  • No more drama
    I quit Facebook the other day. People ask me a shocked, " Why!?" and I tell them it was just one more thing to monitor and there was a little bit of drama that came with it. I realized that I had too many accounts online for communication. I took a look at the [...]
  • Can We Talk?
    Every day, every one of us uses a whole range of software to do a variety of typically related tasks. So, it seems obvious that each of the softwares that we use be able to communicate with its brother software. We all know this is not the case. Why? Why is [...]
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