• Here Comes Kinect
    In just a few days, Microsofts highly anticipated motion sensor, dubbed Kinect, will be released to the public. Personally, I feel like it's a little late to challenge Nintendo's supremacy in the motion control market, but Microsoft's latest addition to their flagship console, the Xbox 360, may have what it takes to draw in the [...]
  • Whirlwinds of inane collaboration
    On Monday morning, the tornado sirens in Muncie shattered the blustery air with wild wailing. I was ushered into the basement of the building I was working in, where I waited about 20 minutes for the storm to pass. I played chess on my computer to pass the time. I won two out of six [...]
  • It's a Twister
    Yesterday at Ball State, we had some severe weather. There were a few funnel clouds spotted in Delaware County and we could hear the tornado sirens on campus. Being from the Midwest, I was not extremely worried about the storms, but I was curious about what was going on outside. Last year, I signed up [...]
  • Civic Life, or Civic Responsibility?
    Today in my rhetoric class, we talked about civic life and individual refinement. I am trying to make a connection to technology and new media with civic life. Let me provide an example: This is what I study Civic life simply means being a good citizen, that you contribute something to society through whatever it is that [...]
  • Apple Hating On Flash, Again
    Just recently, Apple has released its latest and greatest innovation in the form of their newly redesigned Macbook Air. The computer itself represents an amazing feat of engineering as Apple has managed to fit all of its major components in a slick unibody case that at its fattest point is just over half an inch. [...]
  • Top 8
    Looking at my Google Chrome homepage, I noticed something interesting. It listed the top eight webpages I visit on a daily basis. After thinking about my internet usage, I realized this list actually covered all of the websites I visit daily. Here they are in descending order: 1. Facebook 2. Gmail 3. Google 4. Ball State's Homepage 5. My Ball State Email Account 6. Aplia (Online homework [...]
  • My Response - Be Aware! ... of Social Networking Attacks
    Deep in the dark caves and caverns of the Internet forest is a love letter that I wrote on Hi5 to a boy I don't even know anymore... and I can't get rid of it. I think that in the beginning of the present social networking era (Hi5, MySpace, Tagged, Facebook specifically) people my age may [...]
  • The Direction of Computers: Size Matters
    Dale Herigstad, CCO of Schematic, Inc. was a guest speaker on campus a couple nights ago. His presentation was interesting, but his main points aren't what really resonated with me. Sure, I can regurgitate the info on the slides, but it was really a passing phrase that got me. "Small is beautiful." He was talking [...]
  • Susie Q: An experiment in Facebook privacy
    I recently read a Wall Street Journal article that talked about issues with Facebook applications that are giving out users' personal information to advertisers, tracking companies, and other third parties. According to the article, these applications are violating Facebook rules and regulations and have now been removed. I've always noticed that the ads [...]
  • Video games: New stats and old classics
    I love a good story. And I love a good video game. The Entertainment Software Association recently released its 2010 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, which shows some surprising statistics: • The average gamer is 34 years old and has been playing for 12 years. [...]
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