• Net-Gen Basics
    I am part of what "Grown Up Digital" author Don Tapscott calls the Net Generation. The Internet has been a staple in my life since elementary school. I lived through the dot-com boom and bust, saw the development of Facebook and remember my junior high hours on MSN instant messenger. My lifestyle is labeled as [...]
  • Living in front of screens
    One day it occurred to me that relatively everyone under the age of 35 has spent their entire life in front of a screen. Television, Screen. Computer, Screen. Cell Phone, Screen. Just to name a few. Forgive me if this post gets a little metaphysical or out there, but this concept is one that has crossed [...]
    I bought a book today. Not an e-book. I walked down to the campus bookstore, asked for assistance in finding the book, handed my card to the cashier, signed my name, and walked out of the store with a book in my hand. A real book. So? So I have an iPad! Remember? I was the [...]
  • The Impact of Technology and Social Media on Music and Radio
    With the growth and development of various new MP3 devices, speakers, and car converters, people are listening to the radio less and less. While this has hurt the radio industry, the music industry is still doing well. Artists and producers are selling fewer physical CDs, but they're still making a profit; their primary [...]
  • Doing What You Love
    Earlier today I had a fellow co-worker ask me, "What do you want to do after graduation?" I thought for a second and remembered a lesson my dad had taught me saying, "If you're happy, that's all that matters." I've been asked what I want to do after college many times, and there isn't [...]
  • The Fad That Is 3D TV.
    This week I want to look at a revitalized fad within consumer cinema and television. I'm talking about the recent attempt at the resurrection of stereoscopic film and television. The technology itself is nothing new, its first major applications can be traced back to the 1950s. So why is it sixty years later would this [...]
  • Troublesome Texting?
    All the latest and greatest smart phones and other mobile devices are supposed to make communication faster, easier, and more convenient, right? Now we can make calls, text, check and send emails, even look things up online all from a single, portable device. I'll admit that it does make things more convenient; I [...]
  • Dave+Biz = Reformation
    You'll recall my last post taking on a bitter tone as I discussed Twitter. I didn't get it. "Status updates?...that's it?" I thought, as I accused Twitter of existing for those who are too self-absorbed/socially inept to express their thoughts to real people. Boy, was I wrong. (my apologies to the self-absorbed/socially inept folks out [...]
  • Privacy (Still) Matters!
    Many people in older generations than my own have various stereotypes about the Millennial Generation. The Millennial generation could be defined as the tech savvy, young generation who has been surrounded with technology for most of their lives. The Millennial Generation is also stereotyped as carefree and open with our personal information. Well I'm going [...]
  • SMS of the Future
    I was at the Ball State Football game last Saturday and I saw an interesting advertisement. On the scoreboard there was a trivia question sponsored by Qdoba. All I had to do was text the correct answer to the number on the scoreboard and I would receive a prize. I decided to try it and [...]
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