• Internet TV vs. Live TV
    I typically don't have much time to watch television, so I only have a few shows that I'll watch, but to those I watch, I am very loyal: American Idol, The Bachelor (yes, I know it rarely works out, but it's my guilty pleasure), and, even though it's technically not a show, the World [...]
  • Identity Crisis
    I'm a journalist. I'm an educator. I'm a PC. In a day an age when what type of computer you use defines who you are, a recent identity switch has left me wondering who I am and where I fit into this crazy little thing called life. Yes, I might be a PC but I once was a [...]
  • Dynamic Presenters
    Have you seen this service? It's pretty neat; a dynamic, graphically rich presentation tool. However, this isn't your average PowerPoint emulator. It doesn't use slides at all; instead, the entire presentation is always displayed, and the user determines where the audience's focus is through zooming and panning. It's some pretty interesting [...]
  • Facebook Soars, MySpace Shrinks
    After reading an article with the statistics backing Facebook's popularity, I found myself not at all surprised. When Facebook began, it was restricted to college students only - sort of a rite of passage. From my experience, I remember getting my Facebook page was much more exciting than when I got my MySpace [...]
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