• I need a little more with my cup of coffee . . .
    Turns out video didn't kill the radio, its still around. I have found that morning radio shows are an excellent way to help me wake up in the morning. They have a great deal of funny bits, interesting interviews and so on. I often find myself flipping between the local Radio Now station, the rock [...]
  • Oh, that's right, I forgot about AIM...
    AOL has decided to expand their instant messaging system by allowing users to access the AIM service through their cell phone via text messaging. Apparently this is a new idea. I was under the impression that AOL had already done this, but obviously that's not the case. If so, why didn't they do [...]
  • Pandora has opened a whole new can of worms
    The online-music industry has spawned a new way for me to consume music. It's called Pandora Radio and I found out about this site from my supervisor (that's sort of interesting in and of iteself). It's sweet because I can create my own radio station, which is modeled upon my selection of a [...]
  • Gore is not alone
    Everyone's going green these days. I love it and fully support green habits, however it's not always easy for broke college students to cut back on waste, switch to more efficient appliances, plant trees, etc. If fact - because money is so limited - it's hard to make a difference in any of these areas. [...]
  • The GPhone
    Google is on the move. After recently acquiring one of the largest and fastest growing online video entertainment communities, YouTube, Google is living large as <a href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/usatoday/20071015/tc_usatoday/googlesgphonestrategycouldkeepusercostslow">stock prices reach a whopping $600 a share</a>. The internet giant is not stopping there.  Another recent acquisition, this time of Jaiku, an unfamiliar company having key SMS technology, once again has rumors of a possible GPhone release surfacing. Is Google really going mobile? Please?  Many potential GPhone details are still unclear, but it is believed Google would lean towards inexpensive and low-tech.  Considering the popularity of Apple's iPhone, Google could potentially …
  • Your oxen drowned.
    I remember The Oregon Trail computer game quite well. Diseases with fictional family characters, dead oxen, broken wagons. Wow was life a pain. Last week I received a text message from a friend saying that I "broke my hand doing the airplane out the car window." Not having an idea what she was talking about I sent [...]
  • Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed (Facebook) "Stalker"
    I have always been able to easily navigate my way through a website. So, when Facebook came along I immediately became acclimated to it. After Facebook had been around for a year and people became smart enough to set their profile to privacy, I still found a way to get information on them. Even if [...]
  • Fightin' crime with Facebook
    It's no longer a surprise when the police use "new technologies" to garner information in criminal investigations. But what if Facebook is one of these tools? Last week, five women beat up another student off-campus at our university. After a short, verbal confrontation, the group of women collectively broke the girl's arm, kicked, dragged and punched [...]
  • Protection against STDs on your phone
    There are these new gadgets for you iPhone-lovers out there, called Phone Fingers. They are made from black latex and placed on your index finger and thumb, intended to eliminate pesky fingerprints and smudges. And then there's the pitch - "Protection against STDs." Much like I did, you may wonder, "How can [...]
  • Netflix vs. Blockbuster and the increasing cohesivness of media sources
    The online movie rental industry is at war; Netflix and Blockbuster are trying and trying to outdo each other. I have tried both Netflix and Blockbuster, and found that the services are very comparable. They both have minimized the amount of shipping time the extent of movies available and so on to the maximum extent. [...]
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