• Myspace..Facebook...Boomj??
    According to this article, technology investors and entrepreneurs are looking to reach a new online market: people of a certain age. A wide variety of social networking sites that target older consumers and internet-savvy browsers are launching. Among older generations, some well-known sites include: Eons, Multiply, Boomj, and Maya's Mom. These sites offer an older demographic a chance to participate in social network from the same generation, access information about elderly care, and an opportunity to learn about information that hits home. Contrary to popular belief that teenagers and young adults rule the internet, the article notes it is …
  • No E-Mail? Big Problem...
    A few weeks ago, when the CEO of U.S. Cellular imposed a new "no-email" rule on Fridays, he thought he was doing his employees a favor. His goal was to get them up and out of their offices and start communicating with each other face-to-face. Sure, they were allowed to respond to clients, customers, and the [...]
  • Hide and seek
    At my college apartment I've got a phone. I've got Internet. I've got beer, food, a microwave and an oven. Notice what's not in there? Cable. We probably could afford it, but it's not worth it to us. I don't know a single student with a landline phone, either - but that's no surprise. We have a [...]
  • FaceBook: the new MySpace
    Looks like Facebook should take a cue from MySpace when it comes to cooperating with law enforcement. Recently, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo informed Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg of an ongoing investigation into "user safety" of his clients. According to Cuomo, several undercover NY police officers in the Internet Crimes division went online as 14-year-old girls. Turns [...]
  • Who will have copyrights?
    A TV exec said this week that copyright infringement and piracy should be among the federal government's top concerns. While I'm not sure I agree that intellectual property concerns trump wartime ethics, environmental concerns, etc. I will agree that copyright infringement is a very important issue today. But this is by no means the first [...]
  • I wish my Barbie had an MP3 player!
    Well, believe it or not, Christmas is only a few months away and I know it's hard to even think of right now, but everyone is starting to talk about this year's "Hottest Toy List." I was reading an article on cnn.com and read that "Seven out of the Top Twelve Toys for this year [...]
  • Gecko..I Mean Geico
    It appears creativity is taking a front seat to company knowledge as more catchy jingles, characters, and bizarre situations are showing up in today's advertisements. As a marketing student and advertising buff, I must admit I am greatly enjoying the ride. The marketing and advertising industry is an exciting and evolving one, which appears to be welcoming off-beat and non-traditional ideas. For instance, with its advertising budget reaching a close $500 million in 2006, Geico has positioned itself as one of the most creative advertisers in the market. Between the Cavemen, the infamous Geko, and now Geico's latest addition of …
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