• Swimming Cheerleader
    This week has been very quiet for me. My house is empty, all my friends are gone, and I have been texting out of control. All my friends and roommates are at the MAC Swimming and Diving Championships. I would go but it's in Nashville, Tennessee and the meet last 4 [...]
  • My smartphone issues
    At the dawn of another two-year contract agreement, I've realized that the time is finally here to trade in my well-loved (and broken-down) cell phone for a smartphone. Yes, I'm moving on up! Unfortunately, a lot of choices, uncertain post-undergraduate plans, and a small budget are giving me a lot of headaches. After weighing the [...]
  • Nerds: Salt of the Earth
    So Microsoft is going to <a href="http://www.informationweek.com/news/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=206801137">let amateurs write games</a> for the Xbox360.  That's nice.  The scary thing is, you and I both know it's INEVITABLE that at least one of these home-spun masterpieces will actually be fun to play.My question is, why do you nerds do it?  What do you gain?  Street cred?  There's no street.  Bragging rights?  Who are you going to brag to - that lady you live with and call "Mom"?  I haven't seen anything that says these programmers will get a piece of the financial action, so it must be altruism.  Altruism, creativity, …
  • Just Take it Online!
    I'm a student assistant on campus at the School of Extended Education where we offer online and web conferencing classes. The programs we offer gives students, specifically non-traditional students, the opportunity to complete a degree or licensure through our University... all online. Now, this is my third year working here and this semester, by far, [...]
  • Good news for papers
    Besides thumbing through our campus newspaper, I have to admit that I haven't read a newspaper in - well - I can't remember how long. That is unless we're looking at online newspaper publications. I have to admit there are several sites I visit regularly which have tangible counterparts I have never seen. And it [...]
  • What's new in the Myx?
    I went home some weekends ago to hang out with my brother. We struck up a conversation about music and ringtones. He whips out his phone and displays the many ringtones that he had recently acquired. I asked him how much they had cost and he told me, "They were all FREE." [...]
  • Point Blank
    I stared at the television in shock on Friday, my jaw dropped... it had happened again. I remembered back to the Virginia Tech shooting last school year. I remembered what a friend of mine said at the time: "The sad thing about this is that it will happen again somewhere else." I was repulsed by [...]
  • My Car is Google-Famous
    "Adam, can you come to Abe Lincoln's 199th Birthday Party?" "I didn't realize he was still celebrating that. But, of course. What's the address?"They tell me, and I search for it on Google Maps. Well...lookeehere. My town now has Google's 3D "Street View" feature. Hm. I better take a gander around town to see if anything cool was happening the day back in the summer when they recorded it.  (Google "Street View": http://books.google.com/help/maps/streetview/)And then, I see it.  A beautiful, hand-crafted*, 18-year young, Japanese automobile with a dash of rust painted around the wheel wells.  -My …
  • Drama at the Gym
    Spring Break is just around the corner and you know what that means! Everyone on campus will be rushing to the gym to lose a few extra pounds to look good in their swimsuit. Our campus gym will be packed to the maximum and waiting for a treadmill, elliptical, or arch trainer will seem [...]
  • What happened to flowers and candy?
    Happy Valentine's day honey heres your new...cell phone/iPod/computer! Today is Valentines day. For weeks, months even, all I've seen on tv are commercials for this Hallmark holiday. The day is now upon us and I find myself saddened by the commercials I've seen. I feel like the pressure is on for guys/gals to get their sweetheart [...]
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