• The Internet: Killing or Saving the Music Industry?
    As the beginning of the semester starts to get chaotic, I find myself sitting here wondering what is next on my to-do list and how I am going to finish it. In the background one of my new favorite bands, Holy Hail, is playing and I realize something about the way I listen to [...]
  • More Features, Please!
    As consumers demand more advanced tech toys, why does it seem like companies are stalling? For instance, SIRIUS satellite answered to competitor market shares with their handheld model. But, why are they always competing with a widely used product. Why not take the lead? An example for satellite radio would be to enhance the in-car radio [...]
  • Texting Doctor...
    I think we all would agree that texting is quick, simple, and convenient. So, why wouldn't doctors take advantage of its popularity? Medical advice and reminders can now be sent to you through a text message. For instance, doctors can send medical alerts to remind you to take your medication or update you on important [...]
  • You, Me & Wii?
    I step up to the plate, brush off my shoulders, eye the pitcher down, and swing the remote controller? Who needs fresh air and actual friends when you have a Wii? I must admit, I'm your stereotypical girl who dislikes video games. However, I've had the opportunity to play with a Wii recently, and found myself [...]
  • The (RED) model
    Anyone who has read my blog in the past knows I have a soft spot for the Product (RED) campaign. That's why I was pumped to find out that Microsoft and Dell have jumped on the philanthropic bandwagon to offer (RED) computers for Valentines Day (cheesy, but hopefully successful). I won't lie - I would [...]
  • The Technology Bond
    The other day I was rushing to get through my to-do list when I realized I was two hours late to meet up with a friend. As I reached for my phone, I wondered why my friend had not called. Once I began dialing his number, I noticed that my phone was off.... Dead battery. Since [...]
  • Politics can make a difference
    Of the many RSS feeds I've got pumping into Google Reader, only a handful deal exclusively with Election 2008. Most recently added to my RSS lineup: Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 Web site, including feeds for related Daily Show and Colbert Report videos, and a fairly humorous blog. No, it's not the New York Times. It's not even [...]
  • Are out-of-home TVs taking over?
    Recently there has been a lot of hype in blogs and news stories about out-of-home screens as the next best marketing tool. I'm not sold. Now, television screens showing news are always appreciated. I absolutely love the TV screens in our university's Atrium, because despite the fact that I'm usually running through the area, I can always [...]
  • Billboards. Dead or Alive?
    According to an article I read in my local newspaper, the billboard is dead and no longer a useful medium of advertising. I would have to disagree. Although I recognize the fact that billboards are not the most popular form of advertising, I still believe they serve a purpose. After reading that article, while on [...]
  • Word to the Wise
    I'm driving down the snow covered road, mindful of the time and the important meeting that is less than ten minutes away. A four way stop is ahead, I begin to break, nothing happens. The back tires slide from underneath. I've lost control. I pump the breaks as every sense, every smell, every sound becomes [...]
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