• Big Brother is going to school with your child today.
    A Rhode Island school is testing a student-tracking system by putting computer chips on grade-schoolers' backpacks and a GPS system in their school buses. Also, parents are given a choice as to whether or not to participate in the pilot program. As shocking and "big brother-ish" as this program sounds... I support it. Especially since [...]
  • So they're orphans: does that warrant exploitation?
    What happens to the poor little copyrights no one cares about anymore? According to the law, they're orphaned (strangely enough) and the US Copyright Office thinks they're becoming a problem. Because copyrights extend through the duration of the author's life, plus 70 years, copyrights can trade heirs and companies so many times that the actual owners [...]
  • Rockin' in 2008
    During my Winter break, with a few friends, I got a chance to play the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band. I must say that I am hooked. If I had some extra cash, I would most definitely purchase the Xbox 360 for that game alone. My weapon of choice was the [...]
  • Clarity = Results
    As a design student in my senior year I am constantly on the prowl for cool companies in the industry. Recently, a post from Kem Meyer caught my eye: "This may be the coolest company in the world." The post profiles a communications design company, XPLANE, a self proclaimed "visual thinking company." XPLANE [...]
  • Facebook + Politics = Education?
    On Saturday night you did not find me out with the girls, at the movies, or on a date; rather, I was watching ABC's coverage of the New Hampshire Debate and playing on Facebook. Now, if you've read this post you know how I feel about Facebook and its applications. However, as a journalist and [...]
  • 'Uh, just the states?'
    TORONTO, ONTARIO - The traffic on the Queen Elizabeth Expressway was mounting, but we still made it here with time to spare. I've arrived at my hotel in this city's downtown, and cheers to this Best Western's free wireless Internet. My laptop screen sits in the foreground of a beautiful cityscape witnessed from my 21st-story window. Tomorrow [...]
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