• Learning New Skills
    This week I was trained to update a page on the university's website concerning scholarships. I work as a personal secretary to a wonderful woman who helps students search out and apply for scholarships. As part of my duties, I have to make sure the website is up to date and that there are [...]
  • How PR people are killing Twitter
    First, a few moments on the soap box. I started using Twitter during Summer 2007 while on an internship in Boston. No one was really using it, so I had no reason to, either. During early Spring 2008 it started to catch on among some friends in college, which gave me grounds to start using [...]
  • Video workout
    For those of you who read my entries last semester, you know that I'm not always a technologically inclined type of person. I don't play video games or spend much of my free time on the computer. But my roommate brought back her DDR pad after winter break, and I'm addicted. I'm still [...]
  • The iPhone Chronicles: Introduction
    Okay...I admit. I think I have made a mistake. I have done something that I now cannot undo and I am sorry for that. I have moved from one addiction to another. I have upgraded to the Apple iPhone 3G and I am in love. Not unlike T-Pain, who swoons to the sight of exotic [...]
  • An update on that "Storm" business ...
    Late last year Verizon and Blackberry released the touchscreen Storm to the masses. I've previously written about the phone here, and felt obliged to give you an update. Why the update? Well, the phone dropped down the proverbial chimney on Christmas Day, and we've been getting to know each other since. From my understanding, I'm playing [...]
  • New Semester, New Perspectives
    It's a brand-new semester, and you know what that means! Redesigning websites from the ground up, of course! As the webmaster of 3 different university organizations, it falls to me to keep sites up to date. Not usually in terms of content and information, but rather through updated UI, expanded features, and a greater level of [...]
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