• JCPenney's teen sex ad drama
    [After reflecting on the headline, this blog post should exponentially boost MediaPost's search result numbers!] The blogosphere is buzzing about that racy, apparently mocked JCPenney ad hinting to teenage sex. So what? I don't have an issue with the ad subject, although frankly I think it's a bit weak. It's clearly sexual in nature. Yes, teens [...]
  • This Just In
    Everyone once in a while, I like to go to Perez Hilton's website. By every once in a while, I mean after I check my e-mail. I know these celebrity gossip sites are bad. However, I'm always in a mood for a good laugh. Perez introduced a new feature, "Gossip on [...]
  • Top of my wish list: Usable mobile banking
    It's no big secret that college students are typically short on money. Even the most responsible among us forget to note daily trips to coffee shops, or fail to write in exact amounts of our bi-monthly checks. One of the things we generally do spend money on: tech gadgets. It has become glaringly apparent in [...]
  • You may know me!
    My first item in my Facebook News Feed today: [Name Removed] just joined Facebook. You both lived in Muncie. If you know [first name removed], perhaps you should add [first name removed] as a friend. See more people you may know. I was amused with the "People you may know" feature as a small function in the right [...]
  • Women are sports enthusiasts (and experts) too
    Do you think ESPN considers me in their target demographic? Doubtful. I live in a house of women who throw football parties, fight over Sox vs. Cubs, Colts vs. Bears, and spent most of our 22 years traveling to games...that we actually played in. This should come as no surprise considering the number of women participating [...]
  • Firefox 3 arrives
    Amid a storm of Twitter messages this afternoon I learned that Firefox 3 was released. With the release comes an attempt at setting a world record for downloads in a 24-hour span. Ars Technica reports. Nerdy as I am, I rushed to the download site upon seeing the proclamations of "Firefox 3 is here!" on Twitter. [...]
  • What women want
    In a recent article, a media research director lamented the fact that "when she used to attend mobile trade shows with a male colleague, she said, 'they showed him the cool phone and showed me the phone with a mirror.'" This issue hits on much bigger problems I have seen with marketing to and perceptions [...]
  • Come Into The Light
    Wednesday's Center for Media Research Research Brief Parents are in the Dark discusses the disconnect between parents' perceptions of their children's online usage versus reality. Although some of statistics are seemingly shocking, I couldn't help but shrug my shoulders and think - are parents ever really in the know about their children's lives and activities? When [...]
  • I Have A Confession
    Ok, I have a confession to make. It's not anything like, "I watched all of season one of Gossip Girl in two days because I felt bad for never giving it a chance.... and may have ended up liking the show due to its trashiness." That's not my confession. My confession is [...]
  • Morph Me
    An article entitled Behavioral Insider: And Now For Something Completely Different by Steve Smith addresses a prospective shift to morphing websites to match website features to customers' individual cognitive styles. The article goes on to explain how researchers have defined eight different cognitive styles of web users that would be analyzed using the individual's [...]
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