• Social media takes over the airline industry
    I am a business major, so I naturally have to take some marketing classes in my time at college. I find the subject of marketing fascinating, so this does not bother me. I am currently enrolled in my first marketing class, which covers the basics of the marketing realm. Recently, I've been working on [...]
  • PSN Outage: Who is to Blame?
    Trouble Brewing Last week, I found out that PSN was down. At first this didn't really worry me, as I figured that it was simply due to maintenance or some other bug fix. As the day went on and the gaming news sites that I frequented began to report news that foul [...]
  • Psycholgoy in my Everyday Life
    My blog posts this semester have been slightly spastic and a little all over the spectrum in terms of topics. I have always tried to tie in real life situations, as well as my background in psychology, which fortunately or unfortunately has created an array of mismatched, honest confessions from my daily life. The truth [...]
  • Home Videos or... No Videos?
    One of my roommates did something the other day that at first... no one understood. She brought home her oversized, purple VHS player from middle school. We placed the contraption gently on the coffee table, slowly backed away and starred at it. Eventually, we realized that it could be hooked up to our TV and ran [...]
  • Coupons are Going Paperless
    Recycle Go Green Save the trees Paperless All of these are phrases we hear on a regular basis. Our professors tell us to email our assignments to them, our campus promotes recycling; we are surrounding by advertisements every day that promote protecting the planet. I try to take this into consideration. I print double-sided, I email homework to [...]
  • Does anyone watch TV anymore?
    I am not a huge television buff - if I am watching TV, it's normally to watch the news. However, there are certain shows that I cannot miss; therefore, TV is a big part of my life. During my transition to college, I decided it would be a good idea to bring my TV along [...]
  • Maslow Would Hate Modern Technology
    The evolving world of psychology, due to advancements in technology, are not given enough attention. There are a few names studied in psychology that are not only embedded in a psychology major's brain, but often times, the rest of the world as well. One of those names clearly being Freud, but another name you might [...]
  • And Now I have a Battery Powered Radio
    Do you have any friends who have to watch the news every single morning? What about someone who can't live without reading the newspaper with the morning coffee? There is a concept that might describe these compulsive behaviors known as Media Dependency Theory. One example of this theory is someone who watches the news every [...]
  • Another Life Saver
    This is one of my favorite iPhone applications. I can't wait to ramble about this! Square is an application and iPhone attachment combination that allows iPhone users to accept/make credit card payments on their device. Also, it allows the person taking the payment to generate a receipt containing a picture of the purchased product [...]
  • RockMelt: Everything You Want. Everything You Need
    The new kind on the block For the longest time, I was a user of Google Chrome, and before that Mozilla Firefox, and before that well... I used Internet Explorer. For the longest time, I was convinced that Chrome was going to be the browser for me. Fast, a ton of supported applications and [...]
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