• To The Cloud
    This week I wanted to talk about an exiting new service that Amazon released recently and my experiences with it so far. Apple, Microsoft, Google, seem to be the kings of revolutionizing our lives, but this time, someone beaten them to the punch. Amazon has gone ahead of all of them and released a brand [...]
  • Why Don't We Click on Pop-Up Ads?
    In an age of digital everything, it is not a surprise that advertising has been working its way into the digital sector as well. Types of Internet Advertising: -Social Media -Email Advertising -Website Promotion And the type I find most ineffective: pop-up ads, banner ads, and the ads specialized to our preferences on Facebook. Recent Studies Agree Apparently I am not alone. [...]
  • QR Codes and iBooks
    I was recently introduced to QR codes in my architecture course. If you're unfamiliar, that stands for "Quick Response." You can read more about them here. What I want to do in this post is talk about this tool's potential in my day-to-day routine. My job could be categorized as a PR position most of the [...]
  • iPad 2: Reviewed
    A lot has happened since my last post. I got my iPad 2 and the Smart Cover. Here we go! iPad 2 review A lot of critics might say that the new iPad isn't so different from the previous generation. They'd be mostly right. Both iPads run the same software. They're mostly the same size. For some [...]
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