• ...and I thought Facebook was creepy!
    First there was MySpace, then spammers and middle aged strangers invaded what we thought was ours. Next there was Facebook, which is slowly being taken over by games and irrelevant group invitations. Not to mention that fact that Facebook has the power to start a relationship, give a photo journal of what happened [...]
  • Technology Fiends
    Technology is consuming my generation. We have been deemed the 'millennial' generation, and just as the millennium introduced new technologies, our generation were some of the firsts to get extremely excited about the gadgets of the future. It seems like everything around us has to have some form of interactive technology. Whether it is gadgets, [...]
  • A Generational Disappointment
    There is a very important detail about my life that I felt obligated to share with all of you for my first post. I currently own a $15.00 cell phone from Walmart. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my hidden treasure came fully equip with T9 capabilities and.... that's about [...]
  • I am addicted to social media
    I love the internet. A bulk of my free time is spent on it. As a college student of the information age, my life is driven by the fast-paced, instant gratification of the World Wide Web. I receive the majority of my news from blogs and online newspapers/magazines, most of my TV [...]
  • Once more, with feeling
    This is my first blog for Notes From the Digital Frontier and I feel that I should get something out of the way. A confession. I confess that I judge people. Or maybe a better term would be: "size people up." I've come to realize that I can gauge how well a person and I [...]
  • Social Media and the Cell Phone
    I, as many other college students do, am constantly checking what is happening in my friends' lives on Facebook. I check in between classes, after classes, and before I go to bed at the least. Times are changing though, and now we are not even restricted to seeing what our friends are doing from [...]
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