• Virtual Classrooms?
    Yesterday I had the luxury of enjoying my very first virtual class. Using a website called "Aplia" my Media Economics class was held on the world wide web. All we had to do was log into our already existing Aplia account and join that day's lecture. It was as simple as that. [...]
  • My Professor Doesn't Know What the Internet Is
    In this day and age, college students are surrounded by technology. Social media, smart phones, and tablets are all abundant on college campuses throughout the country. The classroom is no exception to this fact. Most lecture halls now feature built-in projectors, which allow professors to incorporate PowerPoint presentations, overhead projectors, and videos [...]
  • The give and take of social media and technology on the music world
    In my very first blog, I confessed my love for Pandora radio and the music it has introduced me to. For quite some time I would only listen to the Regina Spektor radio station. And I was beyond content with that. But that station hasn't gotten much play from me lately. Anyone that is a Facebook [...]
  • When personal and virtual networking worlds collide
    As a public relations student, I am always, always, always told by my professors that networking is key. And as I continue my job hunt for post-graduation, I am reminded of this time and time again. The job hunt is daunting. It really is. I tell at least one person once a day, "I don't even [...]
  • The Internet: Your new personal trainer
    If you've been reading my posts you've probably figured out by now that I'm not exactly the biggest technology/media enthusiast. I do a lot of complaining when it comes to technology and oftentimes I find the negative in it. But the truth is I do see the positives of technology. I actually like technology. So [...]
  • I don't know... just "Google" it!
    Just the other day I came across the official blog by Google. I wasn't entirely sure what the content of a Google blog post would be.... But I gave it a shot and came across something interesting. In developmental psychology, we discuss the concept of overregulation, which is a grammatical error that children make in [...]
  • iMarchMadness
    March Madness is in full effect and I have the best iPhone app in the world. It's called "March Madness." Haha duh? As an ex-basketball player, sports fanatic, and iPhone addict, I feel like this app was made for me! I love basketball. I love my iPhone. And mostly, I [...]
  • Think before you Tweet
    A Vault Career e-mail showed up in my inbox today and the subject line caught my attention: The Top 10 Twitter Firings and Fallouts. I opened the e-mail and went to the link to find out what the top 10 twitter firings and fallouts were. I was assuming that this would be a list of common [...]
  • Apple Amazes Me
    I know I can be pretty hard on Apple. It's easy to write about the negatives when your talking about the big boys in the tech world, and right now Apple seems to be as big as they come. Recently though Apple has done something that made me stop and think "you know what, that's [...]
  • Taking Self-Disciplinary Action
    Imagine trying to go a day without updating your Facebook status. How about one week without tweeting? Could you go two weeks? How about three or longer? I am currently pursuing the answer to those questions as I have finally decided to try to teach myself a little self-discipline and learn about my personal development by [...]
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