• The Cell Phone Hypocrite
    I jinxed myself. In one of my recent blogs I talked about my love for my little Nokia phone and how awesome it was. How after five years it was still kicking and working just fine. I wouldn't dare replace it until the day it died. Well, I lied. Last week was Ball State's spring break [...]
  • Japan, Tragedy and Twitter: The Most Useful Crisis Tool Avaliable for free
    The recent earthquake and tsunami which has recently hit Japan is the scenario of nightmares. Something that one would never expect to happen, much less be forced to face reality and see the horrible destruction, loss of life and future damaging possibilities for the country and the world. As horrible an event which took place, the [...]
  • R.I.P Zune
    Today we pay our respects to a device that has a special place in my heart. Initially rumors, Microsoft was thought to be discontinuing its line of Zune media players. A recent report from Bloomberg seems to confirm that the software giant is indeed putting the final nail in the Zune's coffin. The Zune [...]
  • Is Charlie Sheen smarter than your business?
    Charlie Sheen is IT right now. That is undeniable. Whether you like him or not, you can't deny that he is the biggest name on TV right now. Personally, I think all the news about him is very entertaining but by no means do I agree with his decisions or the accusations [...]
  • This Boring Life
    For the past two months, my life has been extremely boring. Since the beginning of January, I have lived without a television. And since the middle of February, I have not had a functioning computer. For the entire first semester of school I was able to use the TV that one of my friends stored in my [...]
  • To Kindle my love for books
    When life gets stressful, or I need an extra dose of inspiration, there's a little place I like to go to called a bookstore. Sometimes it's Barnes and Noble. Sometimes it's Books a Million. I'm not sure if Borders is still around, but if they are, well that works too. Doesn't really matter. Giant corporation [...]
  • Hollywood's biggest night
    I am a huge movie buff, and the Oscars have always been a highlight of my year. Throughout middle school and high school, I would stay up one night a year to see what movies, actors, and directors made the grade. But when I entered college, I began to realize that many my age did [...]
  • If you're (hiring), you can look, and you will find me. *Time* after *time*.
    I'd apologize for the lame titles, but I'd like to think that you've grown accustomed to them. Or accustomed to overlooking them. Hm. I finally received my LunaTik watch strap! You might recall that I ordered the item way before Christmas via Kickstarter. I had to wait for that project to close, and then MNML had to [...]
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