• It all started with the Big Bang...
    I owe Chuck Lorre a thank-you note. I'm a little behind, but this past year I was finally introduced to what I consider to be one of the greatest shows of all time: The Big Bang Theory. A Chuck Lorre production, this show is witty, geeky, and has a great story line. It's about these four [...]
  • Yes, I am purchasing an iPhone
    I am not an Apple fanatic, but when the iPhone was first released, I immediately knew I wanted one. Just seeing the phone in store windows or during commercials made my mouth water. The only obstacle that stood between me and the phone I loved was Apple's contract with AT&T. I am [...]
  • First Impressions Mean Everything, Someone Tell Motorola.
    As stated in previous posts, it seems that Motorola is doing everything to make sure their new Xoom tablet is off to a rocky start. With the Xoom's release a mere two days away let's take a step back and reflect upon the tablet's developments up to this point. High price point The Xoom is set [...]
  • The Problems with Streaming Part 1
    Watch the latest movies on your iPhone! Stream the latest new releases to your gaming console or media player of choice! With so many different choices to watch movies without me actually having to physically ever use a disc again, curiosity got the better of me and soon I was watching all sorts [...]
  • Staying Connected
    I'm currently sitting on a plane coming home from California, stubbornly refusing to pay for this overpriced on-plane WiFi. The pile of homework that I neglected this weekend is coming back to haunt me and it all requires internet use. It seems that I've gotten myself into quite the pickle. But, does it have to be [...]
  • Twitter: More than just Facebook statuses
    I have been extremely naive about Twitter. I saw this form of social media as the equivalent of a Facebook status update and that was it. I saw Twitter as the perfect form of social media for people who only wanted to tell their friends what they were doing at each point of their day, [...]
  • The #1 reason why you SHOULDN'T buy an iPhone
    ...or any smart phone, for that matter. Email is the #1 reason (the only reason) I dislike having a smart phone. Why, you ask? Because as long as people know I have an iPhone, they know I'm always within reach. It's as instant as texting. This is particularly true when it comes to work. I work 20 [...]
  • Hyperlinks are for Skimmers
    What was my experience with technology this week? If you'll recall my last post, I ended with a question. Should I take my computer back to the office? *Update* The answer is most definitely "no." I was more productive than usual at work and I can't afford to backpedal. Even still, having my desktop and laptop both [...]
  • Xoom, Hurting Itself Already.
    The Motorola Xoom seems to be the new crown jewel of Android tablets. Set to release on the 24th of February, Its among the first Android tablets to run the new Android 3.0 "Honeycomb". The tablet comes equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra 2: 1GHz dual-core processor, a 10.1 inch 1280×800 resolution display, 5mp rear facing [...]
  • Super Bowl or Super Bull .... ?
    I know its Thursday and you are sick of hearing about the Super Bowl but I just have to continue the discussion. I am a huge sports fan, so I was really excited for this year's big game and it did not disappoint me at all. Something else disappointed me, though. No, it [...]
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