• Lousy news: How anchors are fighting back
    Everyone is upset about soft news coverage. I've written about it numerous times, and blogs consistently host diatribes against watered-down, mainstream news. Paris Hilton's jail release has added gallons of fuel to this fire, and now news anchors are fighting back. Anyone watching AC 360 after Larry King's interview saw that Anderson Cooper wasn't happy [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    "full access to YouTube"? SInce when did the iPhone have that? It does not have Flash installed in the browser and so cannot access, fully, the YouTube web site. Only specific videos, reencoded using Quicktime, are available. Speaking of Quicktime, I tried to watch [...]
  • Wasting time with the iPhone
    Don't get me wrong: I'm absolutely thrilled that my two favorite tech companies are playing well together. [Apple + Google] But some of the features Google is offering up for the iPhone seem a little questionable to me. First, there's Google Maps. This is one of the features I think is absolute genius. I have the [...]
  • Dan Rather is a sexist
    This news is a week old...I wanted to see if anything notable would happen. Then again, what else can be done to Dan Rather? For anyone who has not noticed the FIRESTORM of controversy surrounding his most recent media faux pas, here is the offending quotation: "The mistake was to try to bring the [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    I haven't heard anyone offer the advice that you shouldn't participate in social networking sites. But show reasonable restraint, or an employer will think that you don't have good judgment. Posting pictures [...]
  • What's in a profile?
    In reading articles/blogs last week, I noticed a lot of talk about Facebook in the professional world. Being completely embedded in undergraduate academia, this was news to me-but very, very cool. See, everything I hear about breaking into the "real world" is that you should delete Facebook/MySpace pages immediately or the contents therein will be [...]
  • Follow me on my journey
    10:14am: My friend emails me this article: A Nebraska judge bans the word rape from his courtroom . Which, in reading the article I become upset for many reasons. Women's rights, first amendment rights, male chauvinism, I could go on and on. 10:29am: I email it to three more friends. One friend [...]
  • Facebook jumps the shark
    I'm going to say this was this move. We know Facebook flyers cost money, that's fine. They're non-obtrusive and benefit the users involved. Usually. Facebook applications are - depending on your view - a) impressing, or b) "MySpacing" (annoying) the hell out of users. As written here before, Applications are another step in opening up Facebook to [...]
  • UPC: Universal Power Compliant
    From the "More Cool Stuff I Want" Department ... Wildcharge. As many of the comments have hinted on Gizmodo, this might be a sign that we, as a culture, are getting horribly lazy. It could also mean that we're sick of carrying around six #$%@ adapters on trips lasting more than two days. Will we ever see a [...]
  • Live from ABQ
    So I'm in Albuquerque right now, attending a professional orchestra audition. While here, I decided to get a taste of that Latin flava; no, not THAT Latin flava - I hit up some Mexican shops and restaurants during my downtime. Good rule of thumb; the more your plate of Mexican food looks like [...]
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