• The Mystery of the 5.3 Petabytes Per Day
    How is Facebook able to keep up with itself? As more and more news stories come out about Facebook's user statistics, this is a question that is really beginning to perplex me. In February, Facebook released their numbers saying they had 175 million users. Not too shabby, I thought. Read the [...]
  • Podcasts: No Wonder They're so Popular
    I don't listen to a whole lot of radio. If I'm at home, I'll generally listen to music on my computer or on vinyl (kind of polar opposites, I guess...). The only time I ever listen to the radio regularly is in my car, and 90% of the time, it's NPR. I've never been [...]
  • My Life as a Media Hermit
    GASP! "How do you live?!" This was the reaction of my colleague when I told her I didn't have internet OR cable at home. Living without these new age technologies for nearly a year now, the idea doesn't seem so strange to me. After that reaction, I'm waiting to receive my Medal of Honor for courageously [...]
  • Media Usage in Student Government Campaigns
    Every February, for two weeks, a flurry of activity grips Ball State University's campus as the Student Government Association campaign gets underway. During that time, slates try to convince the student body to elect them to office. For some, it's one of the most important times of the year. Others are completely oblivious to the [...]
  • My BlackBerry, Social Networking, and Life
    The Internet in general, and social networking in particular, is going to fuel the next several election cycles and shape our every day experiences with our friends, relatives and coworkers. I believed this when I was only using my MacBook Pro to experience these tools. On Wednesday, my life changed when my new [...]
  • Changing my life, one tweet at a time
    Explaining Twitter's effect on my life is kind of like trying to explain Twitter itself; it's fairly tough. It certainly has had a positive impact, giving me the ability to stay informed in my friends' (and a few celebrities') lives, and to send out information relevant to my followers. I joined Twitter in mid-November and [...]
  • The Rise of the iClass
    As the economic crisis looms over us, Americans are looking for cheap methods of entertainment. America's greatest past-time, consumer spending, just isn't cutting it anymore - how can you engage in America's most popular activity if you've been laid off or all of your money is going to pay off a mortgage that is [...]
  • Dear RIM,
    Thank you. Yours, Dave P.S. - Welcome to 2009. P.P.S. - Get with Pandora on the whole Storm thing, wouldja?
  • jk!!!!
    I make a point of checking out Google's entities on April 1. In the early days I fell for the company's rather believable April Fools Day pranks... now I just make sure to check them out after midnight. This year, they're not alone. Here are a few links to some "lolz" I've noticed today: This year's [...]
  • EA's technologically superior DRF
    I recently purchased Spore for my computer. I'm normally not much of a gamer, especially computer games, but I had heard so many great things about it that I thought why not? When I got it fully installed, though, I started running into a few problems, namely, EA's and SecuROM's extensive digital rights management software. [...]
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