• Google's Up to Something
    Is Google planning to release a device to compete in the growing mobile market? Probably not. But CNET is reporting that Google is planning to make a bid in the upcoming 700 MHz Wireless Spectrum auction by the Federal Communications Commission early next year. This news comes even before the ink is dry on the deal signed [...]
  • Life Events
    Will we see a stronger push to see MySpace and Facebook profiles archived for eternal reading and searching after death? It makes sense. Facebook is an unofficial living yearbook, though many pages and profiles of the deceased are taken down shortly after funerals. This doesn't make sense. When someone dies from your high school twenty [...]
  • Pumped about the YouTube debate
    Despite the fact that I often find myself following upcoming campaigns closely, I have to say I've been pretty detached from the 2008 Presidential Campaign extravaganza thus far. I watch the coverage; I have my opinions; but I've not been terribly proactive. That is, until the YouTube Debate. For two hours, my roommate and I [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    Those of us who have saved our 45's and LP's, will always have a connection to our music. (and some songs we didn't like 30 years ago are now quite enjoyable). But what connection can you have with 1's & 0's? [...]
  • A cure for the itch
    I am a member of Generation Napster. I have spent well over $1500 in CD collecting to date, a habit I stopped because I got tired of spending money on songs that I really didn't want. iTunes came up with the next best solution - buy a song at a time. But [...]
  • CNN+YouTube=Politics?
    In casual conversation, I try to avoid politics. When it comes to work, however, all bets are off. For the past week, it's been all politics, all the time in the CNN newsrooms. This Monday, CNN and YouTube will be pairing up to make history, challenging the democratic presidential candidates with something no presidential candidate has ever [...]
  • YouTube is boring
    It's like "Pop-up Video" for the masses.
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    FYI - The credit card processing fee is 2-3% depending on the card, similar to what any other merchant pays when accepting a credit card. 4 cards are accepted, Am Ex, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Drivers and owners have mixed opinions, with [...]
  • Now that's kinda neat...
    If you live in New York City for any length of time, you're going to encounter public transportation. It's pretty much the only way to get around short of just hoofing it everywhere. And of course, there are those days that you want to avoid it altogether. (Just today, I witnessed an argument between a bus [...]
  • The Second Life Audience
    Companies seem to be getting worried about their investments in SL. Who is the audience for second life? 1. People who are really good at building 3D graphics. 2. People who have no life and create one in SL. 3. People who are looking for a cool, hip way to communicate and teach from across the country. And what do [...]
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