• Now I Get the "OMG"
    So I was sent a link to a web page recently that had the subject line "3-D Projector OMG." I thought, ok this has my interest, so I clicked on the link (half shot mind you). What I viewed next stupefied me, resulting in the most intense nerdgasm I've experienced since watching Transformers. What [...]
  • My media pet peeves this week
    This week I found myself strangely irritated by media everywhere I turned. I'm not one to get keyed up about technology usually, but this week was different for some reason. For the purpose of catharsis and potential communion in irritation, here are my media pet peeves of the week: - CNN.com has messed with their website: [...]
  • Sprint: Power Down
    Taking a break from the massive drafts about Live Earth to bring you this interesting post from a hometown blogger: Sprint is sending break-up letters to some of its customers who are too, uh, needy. TIME reports: The nation's third-largest wireless provider sent letters to about 1,000 subscribers June 29, saying the company's records showed they had made [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    Having actually read your post, I say: fair enough. You are using the tool as you see fit. I work in a mixed environment, using both a Mac and a PC. I am a marketing professional and have found that more and more with company systems going through web portals, there are fewer and fewer barriers to entry for Mac users now than there have been in the past. As enterprise applications become hosted [...]
  • And the classic battle continues . . .
    I think that my intentions may have been misinterpreted in my past blogs regarding Apple. My first blog about Macs was more of a pointed conversation about the zealotry behind Mac users and to dispel the myth that Macs are better pieces of hardware/software. I am biased towards PCs, but if you read [...]
  • Journalists tune out Live Earth's harmony
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - This isn't New York. It is the Meadowlands Sports Complex, home to Giants Stadium, where Live Earth "New York" is taking place. Tens of thousands of sweaty, sunburnt yet energetic individuals surround me under a mostly clear sky with a temperature in the 90s. Overhead flies a small prop plane circling [...]
  • Live from ... Earth
    BOSTON - I'm about 30 minutes away from heading to New York City for Saturday's Live Earth concert. When I realized I'd be on the coast for the summer, I quickly snatched tickets up from TicketMonsterMaster on the upper level for about $100/pop after fees, taxes, etc. Because Amtrak is more expensive than flying, and flying [...]
  • So... I hear Google is taking over the world
    Perhaps it's because I'm not in "the media know" but, to be perfectly honest, I don't get what all of the hype is about. Every time I open my e-mail, my media updates include at least one article on how Google is buying up minor companies, or tracking my shoe purchases, or entering some market [...]
  • iDisappointment
    Apple has finally released the much anticipated iPhone. For those who crave flashy technology that really falls short of the mark, eat your heart out. The iPhone, retails for a whopping $499 w/4GB flash memory or $599 w/8GB flash memory. And what do you get for your investment? Basically [...]
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