• Comfort music
    Plugging into my iPod is one of the most relaxing things I've been able to do this week. I came down with sniffles and a sore throat Monday afternoon and just wanted to curl up like a grizzly bear and hibernate for a week. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do that since [...]
  • Memories of the way we used to call
    When was the last time you called someone using a landline phone? For me, it was nearly 3 months ago. I remember the call because I had to take the phone out of the box and plug it in in order to use it. Since then, it has sat idly on my desk collecting dust. Do [...]
  • My Two-Week Adventure With Pandora
    As it turns out, actually experiencing Pandora was a much more involved endeavor than I had originally anticipated. I had thought that simply establishing an account and playing with it over a weekend would adequately prepare me to form a cohesive opinion regarding its potential role in my ever-so-musical existence. Yet, as the second weekiversary [...]
  • Second Life for First time users
    This morning at Braken Library on Ball State's campus there was a technology fair that took up most of the first floor. The latest and greatest gadgets were displayed and demonstrated for the public, and there were a lot of freebies. I wandered through while on a study break and saw one booth [...]
  • Relevance, proximity and such
    I'm a little concerned as to why CNN can send text messages about dead comedians, but a school shooting doesn't warrant it?
  • Happy birthday, now VOTE!
    I'm sitting on my floor watching the last presidential debate for the 2008 election. I really don't know what to think about all this. I was barely too young to vote in the last presidential election, and am very excited to be able to vote in this one. When I turned 18, [...]
  • Flirting With a Taken Woman
    I read Jarrod's post regarding Pandora, and have finally decided to take the plunge. I'm going to test this thing out for a few days, and should be back over the weekend to give my thoughts. Until then!
  • Love in my Pocket
    I am in love...with Pandora.I have been using this internet music service for many years now and I am still amazed by its ability to, well...read my mind. Yes I have told Pandy what I like and who I prefer to hear,but she has the uncanny ability of finding that one song I love to groove to or a song that I havent heard before but will now here many times again. Pandy has become the love of my work life.
  • Secret, secret... I've got a secret.
    I have a confession to make... I have a secret obsession with a certain blonde singing sensation and I have to come clean. I'M OBSESSED WITH HANNAH MONTANA!
  • Food Browsing
    This week I return to my favorite websites. I am a self-proclaimed closet 50s housewife. I love cooking and hostessing for my friends, and I have worn an apron with heels before. Consequently, I spend quite a bit of time on Foodnetwork.com, my favorite site for recipes. With Thanksgiving only a [...]
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