• Draw me in with a good story, then I'll buy your game.
    Speaking to the generation of videogamers The game "Fallout" is like reading an interactive novel where you are the protagonist, and there is an unlimited amount of content you can get yourself into. It's like reading those goosebumps books where you choose to go next, only those suck because you almost always die. Well, I guess [...]
  • Verizon: stick with Android
    Verizon may finally get the iPhone. We've all heard that one before. But it seems as though people are sure about this news. The most popular release date (which is purely speculation at this point) is January 2011. Even if it actually does actually happen this time around, I think it's too late to make me [...]
  • The Wonders of Gmail
    I have had my Gmail account for since July 17, 2007 (I actually looked back in my old emails to find the date). I have used it as my primary email account since early 2008. I have seen Gmail change and add many new features over the last 2 years. Gmail is now my favorite [...]
  • The iPad: Buying Into the Sensation...Just Not Yet.
    I have no shame in admitting my passion for technology. Anything from gaming consoles, to costume built PCs, MP3 Players and devices that have yet to find a niche, I most likely own one. I bear the label of tech geek proudly and have always found myself fascinated with emerging technologies. The problem I face [...]
  • 140-Character Nightmare
    Okay, we've all done it. Ranted on Twitter in the heat of the moment and then realized soon after that our complaints and foul thoughts were better off left in our heads. (The little text box can be so enticing at times. Begging you to answer...LOL) Last month, Nas (one of my favorite rappers) took it [...]
  • I'm too sexy for my smartphone...
    Today, Apple was granted a patent that will allow the company to outfit their devices with an application. No, not an "app" like the ones you buy in the iTunes store. This application gives the user (or the parent of the user) the ability to control what text shows up in emails and text messages. [...]
  • We want E-mail!
    I have the privilege of taking multiple classes with a very intelligent group of students. There are about sixty of us in our honors program, and each student is expected to contribute to the success of the program. This includes not only maintaining a high GPA, but also participating in various professional events throughout the [...]
  • Be Aware!... of Social Networking Attacks
    I am a member of the Black Student Association on Ball State's campus. Every meeting, once a week, we have a "Real Talk" segment of the meeting where we discuss issues in our community. This week a group of members organized skits to represent social networking awareness. One skit was about a group of girls [...]
  • Mind the Gap
    Gap, Inc. changed its logo. Then changed it back. Good thing, too, or else the Twitter world might have imploded. While I wasn't a huge fan of the new Gap logo, I am impressed with the success of the Internet naysayers who clamored to reverse the change. "It's hideous!" they cried. "We like the old Gap better!" Never have [...]
  • Your Life: Run by Computer Programs
    I saw "The Matrix," and I loved it. I see a friend request, and now I'm afraid a mysterious computer program has doomed me to an eternal existence of either: a.) not so blind dates, or b.) not so blind dates over video chat. In "The Matrix," no one realized they were living in a [...]
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