• Cleaning out my friend's closet
    Yesterday, Facebook made a big announcement! Ok. All they did was revamp the Groups feature. I'm so very very glad that it wasn't the dreaded Facebook/Skype hybrid I heard from a friend. Today, I decided to give the new feature a shot. I made a page for my family members so that we could all [...]
  • Bit Literacy
    I picked up a new book this morning. Actually, I didn't go to the bookstore like I did last week. I sat at my desk and downloaded it. Doesn't that sound boring? "I downloaded a new book today." And I don't think the quantity has anything to do with it. "I downloaded 10 books [...]
  • Google TV, Almost Here!
    At the end of this month, Logitech is set to release its Revue companion box with keyboard controller. The companion box will come pre-installed with Google TV and is currently available for pre-order from Logitech.com, Amazon.com and Bestbuy.com for just under three hundred dollar (299.99USD), and I cannot wait to become an early adopter of [...]
  • iPhone? No, yourPhone.
    I've officially decided today that I will never own an iPhone. I've always considered myself to be more of a PC person than a Mac person, but I do have an iPod and I use iTunes to play music on my computer. I've never been opposed to Apple products in general, I've just [...]
  • Cell Phone Dependency
    I remember the days when I remembered everyone's phone numbers whether I used them often or not. I remember looking things up in a phonebook when I wanted to find out the movie times, order a pizza, or just to find a local store. Taking it way back, I remember in elementary school when my [...]
  • Napster for Television
    The only television I watch at school is sports. Well, probably just football. Most of the channels on my TV here have a constant white noise that can only be drowned out if I turn the volume up uncomfortably loud, so I don't use it. But I think I may have found the solution to [...]
  • Media in the face of tragedy
    The recent suicides of five gay teens across the United States are all over social and news media. When tragedies such as these happen, the role the media play in justice is vitally important. How the media convey the gravity of the situation, the grieving of the survivors and the memory of the victims flirts [...]
  • How a Little Can Go a Long Way
    Nowadays, it's incredibly easy to do things online. When I say "things," I mean personal business like paying bills, finding the address to your doctor's office, looking up phone numbers for small businesses, and even getting feedback from reviews that others post on a particular place. The internet never stops amazing people today with its [...]
  • The Missing Pay Phone
    I was on the phone with my girlfriend last night, as I was getting ready to leave from work. In mid-sentence, my phone battery died and off went my phone. I could see what was going through my girlfriend's head as I started driving home, "Did he get mugged?" "Was he in a car wreck?" [...]
  • Suspense in Radio
    I was in a radio vocational program during my senior year of high school. It was one of the best experiences I had during my entire four years. Every day I went and I was on the air for two hours and I worked in production for the other hour. This experience has even changed [...]
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