• Give RED a chance
    A few weeks ago, I targeted the RED campaign as an example of philanthropist wanna-be's showing off for one another. Since then, I have changed my perspective almost completely. I am currently studying illness prevention/awareness campaigns for my rhetoric class. Because marketing is such an integral part of fundraising these days I wanted to look [...]
  • I'm addicted to Crack[berry]
    I used to make fun of those people I saw walking along the street with a determined gaze into their palms, where they were forever "thumbing" at a small electronic device ... seemingly oblivious to the world around them. Oops. Now I'm one of them. Over spring break, I was lucky enough to convince my father that [...]
  • It's a Mad, Mad March
    NEW YORK CITY - As a native Hoosier, March Madness is an experience that just doesn't feel the same out here. Sure, the excitement exists. I write bar-side from a midtown-Manhattan hotel, sipping my $7.50 beer and utilizing my $14.95 Internet connection. Above me hang two plasma television screens, while the left side of my laptopn's [...]
  • Where you at? I know where YOU at! Scary... :(
    Has anyone else seen the Boost Mobile phone commercials with the phones that show you exactly where people are when you are talking to them? UMMM, this is very scary to me...I mean you can now track people and see exactly where they are. Last semester it was the crazy was Face book's minifeed, now [...]
  • What is your avatar today?
    Second Life - a massive player online virtual environment created solely by the users. Second Life has been receiving a lot of press and attention within the past year for various reasons - I've heard opinions on both ends of the spectrum from destroying the world to making it better. I have two positive ideas [...]
  • Reader Comment of the Week
    Triple Hallelujah. I am a humble guest worker in this country and I wholeheartedly, fully concur with Mike's assessment. Allow me to rant for a minute... We live in a global village, and what happens on the other side of the planet matters in small town USA (or anywhere else for that matter). [...]
  • TRIMSPA, BABY! Media marginalization has hit a new low.
    I cannot stand Anna Nichole Smith. I didn't really much care for her a year ago. Celebrities don't mean much to me, particularly celebrities like her. Good taste prohibits more detail. It sucks that her son died (rather mysteriously, I might add), but these things happen to people every day, so [...]
  • Staying connected while disconnected
    I knew I would do it. Don't get me wrong - I tried to avoid it. I thought to myself: why do I need it? What's the advantage over just leaving it at home? But I knew I would inevitably endure a week of torture if I didn't. So I caved. I'm talking about my laptop, [...]
  • Vista...
    Vista... Well, I don't quite know where to begin really. It's bad. I had hopes but I was let down. Fitting that the follow-up to the Mac Attack be about Windows Vista. I realize that it was just released and is going to have bugs. Big bugs, like the [...]
  • Are you going to step-up?
    I pose a simple question to those people out there who are so interested in what it is we have to think about media-related topics: What are you (or your respective organizations) doing to increase public media literacy? I know that most corporations don't feel responsible for educating the public on matters that aren't entertainment related, [...]
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