• Don't Myspace my Facebook!
    "You have a Zombie invitation." "You have a Jedi vs Sith invitation." "You have an advanced wall message." If you are connected in any way to young people these days (or the media industry, for that matter) you know exactly what I am referring to: Facebook. It's the cocaine addiction of today's youth. I find [...]
  • Google + AOL = Heaven?
    More evidence for my argument that Google is slowly but surely taking over the world: reports indicate that Google has invested $1 billion in AOL. The byproduct of this investment? Those who enjoy the ability to chat with other GMail users (like me) directly within the browser interface now have an added bonus / distraction: AOL [...]
  • You gave me what?
    According to Dave Coffey, who tracks online trends for Sapient, those virtual gifts bought on Facebook and then given to fellow "friends," are so popular because they have significance: "For the person who gets the gift, it is like a badge of honor." Really? That's stretching it. And I think others would agree that buying [...]
  • Ads - get out of my lower third!
    Bloggers and professionals in the media industry have been discussing lower-third advertisements and fly-ins lately, and I felt the need to share a personal experience which might offer insight into what the audience actually thinks. This week, a roommate and I sat down to watch a Christmas movie- something we usually don't have time to do. [...]
  • Good Move, VZW
    A fellow nerd and friend sent me an IM this morning ecstatic over the news of Verizon embracing Google's Android. When Android's SDK hit the Web I rushed to check out the features that could one day become my "GPhone." I was very excited. Then I realized Verizon wasn't involved. I was preparing to switch carriers. [...]
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