• An old flame, reignited
    Considering most of my life centers on the five mile radius around a college campus, I don't spend a lot of time in my car. However, a four hour drive this week trapped me in my car with a bunch of old CDs and the radio as my only entertainment. During this trip I reclaimed
  • Jettsonian
    Growing up I do not remember watching cartoons on a regular basis, however I still enjoy The Jetsons! Not that I claim to be an avid fan nor have I seen every show, but something about the futuristic family life has always fascinated me. But recently I was reminded that many of the Jettsonian practices
  • Digital and traditional media CAN coexist
    This week, news broke that iTunes surpassed Wal-Mart in music sales. This is the first time a digital music company has sold more music than the traditional retail store - that's amazing. A few weeks ago, a study came out showing an increase in newspaper readership online, which is offsetting their decrease in print readership.
  • Informed and Loving It
    While I was on Facebook the other day, an online forum I don't normally go to for news or information (the mini feed doesn't count), an Obama web banner caught my attention. The banner said: "Register to Vote for Obama...Deadline: Register by April 7th." Since I am very interested in this upcoming election I immediately [...]
  • Technology is the new heroin
    It's a busy Thursday morning (then again what morning isn't busy?) and as I run around attempting to accomplish each goal I set out for myself I realized I needed to do some research for a class. I decided to kill two birds with one stone-get oil changed in car and research info on my [...]
  • To Serve & Protect
    As I waited to hear Hillary Clinton speak last week, in a high school gymnasium, I observed the other attendees to the beat of a campaign playlist. The music was blaring, to the point that it was easier to sit quietly and watch the people than to speak with the friend I was with.
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