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Toast of the Town: Best Creative
Employing simple yet bold creative strategies, RPA Interactive had a standout year in 2006, gaining the most notice for ensuring that the Honda "Element and Friends" campaign that began in 2005 continued to have legs - crab legs, that is.» 0 Comments
Toast of the Town: Best Web Design and Development
The accolade "game-changer" was applied liberally in 2006, but in the case of Interpublic Group's R/GA's Flash-powered NikeStore site, no other term suffices.» 0 Comments
Toast of the Town: Best Search
Search is the biggest and fastest-growing sector in online advertising, and there's no shortage of competitors in the business.» 0 Comments
Toast of the Town: Best Media Planning and Buying
Asked about the wildly creative online placements devised by his Universal McCann in 2006, David Cohen, executive vice president/U.S. director of digital communications, seems to shrug.» 0 Comments
Toast of the Town: Silver
Over the course of a conversation with Digitas' top executives, they tossed around many familiar industry catchphrases.» 0 Comments
Log Off: What Took So Long?
A spate of articles highlighting various industries' entry into online branding begs the question, "What took so long?"» 0 Comments
Behind the Numbers: The Word About Word of Mouth
Word of mouth as a marketing tool has moved well beyond buzz status and now ranks among the valuable strategies discussed at the marketing planning table, according to "The More, the Better: Creating Successful Word of Mouth Campaigns," a report by WOM research and consulting firm Keller Fay Group and BzzAgent, a WOM promotional firm.» 0 Comments
Search Focus: The Other Side of the Search Portal
Considering the challenges banner ads and rich media ads face in catching the viewer's attention and getting a click-through, search advertising has made itself the most powerful killer app to come along since e-mail.» 0 Comments
Email Focus: Method, Not Madness
The mood going into 2006 could best be described as cautious optimism.» 0 Comments
Markets Focus: Boomer Women
It happens at every technology conference. Some Web 2.0 smarty-pants touts what he considers the latest and greatest technology by boasting, "We made it so easy my mom can use it."» 0 Comments
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