• In Australia, Cover Artists Musicians Can Now Get a Portion of Ad Revenue from YouTube
    A deal between online video creators and copyright managers has been struck, meaning that artists will get paid for viral covers and cover performers on YouTube will have the potential to take a cut of advertising revenue associated with their content.
  • Video Copies of Wills of British Empires World War I Vets Now Online
    The wills of 230,000 World War I British Empire soldiers written in their own hand have been placed on a new Website allowing families and historians to view them for the first time. A few of them contain personal letters penned by the soldiers and intended for loved ones back home, but never delivered.
  • Hulu Announces Premiere Dates for Series
    Hulu has announced the premiere dates for some of their original and exclusive TV series — "Fugget About It," "The Strange Calls," "Behind the Mask," "Mother Up!", and "The Wrong Mans". An animated sitcom, "Fugget About It" is first out of the box, on Oct. 13. It. follows the misadventures of Jimmy Falcone, a former New York mob boss who enters witness protection in small-town Canada.
  • Hulu Subscribers Fight for Right to Sue, Alleging Video Service 'Repurposed' Info About Them
    Six Hulu subscribers who claim the website illegally disclosed their viewer data to Facebook moved to certify their federal class action.  In their amended complaint, Joseph Garvey et al. claim Hulu "repurposed" its browser cache so that marketing analyst services could store their private data.
  • New Media Rockstars Site Loses Funding, Folds
    "Why? Plain and simple, our investor stopped funding the site. Such is the sad and unpredictable life of a startup sometimes, even when it’s achieved far beyond all expectations. Also, the “Oxycontin Friday” lunch parties at NMR probably didn’t help too much. We kid, we kid!"
  • Video of Washigton D.C Civil Rights March, Then and Now
    Fascinating short video of the Civil Rights march in 1963 and still photos from today compared to images from the rally today.
  • Where Are They Now, Dept.: What Is Psy Up To?
    NEXON Europe has the pleasure to announce today that global pop sensation, media personality and all-round gentleman Psy is appearing in the enormously successful online free-to-play games MapleStory and Combat Arms.
  • Electronic Arts COO Says Every Video Game Must Now Have An Online Component
    Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore states it plainly: Speaking to Engadget during last week's Gamescom event, Moore said his company will not ship a game that is only offline. "We're seeing more and more of the online experience being part-and-parcel of every game. We don't ship a game at EA that is offline...just doesn't happen," he says
  • Kevin Spacey Explains It All
    Spacey urges British media crowd to get on the online video train because viewers--particularly younger ones--are already there. 
  • That Nice Disney Girl Miley Cyrus Repeatedly Bumps Into Robin Thicke's Crotch at VMAs
    Gyrating, thrusting, twerking and grinding her bum on Robin Thicke's groin, Miley Cyrus made every attempt to ditch her Disney image at the "2013 MTV Video Music Awards" on Sunday.
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