• Snowden Has Info That NSA Cracked Encryption for UN Videoconferences, Der Spiegel Reports
    The National Security Agency reportedly cracked the encryption used by the video teleconferencing system at the United Nations headquarters, says Der Spiegel, based on info from Edward Snowden's NSA documents.
  • Maker Studios Acquires Blip
    Maker Studios, one of the biggest YouTube networks, is buying Blip, a video maker and distributor. The deal gives Maker a home outside of YouTube for its content. Maker commands billions of views a month, but needs to make money outside the YouTube realm.
  • Stupid Outrage over Cheerios' 'Just Checking' Ad Depicting Interracial Family Led to 100 Videos in Support
    The flap over the interracial Cheerios "Just Checking" ad earlier this summer led viewers to an outpouring of support for the brand. Visible Measures has tabulated more than 100 pieces of derivative content -- spoofs, commentary, mashups, etc. that defend interracial families.
  • AppleTV Will Add Vevo Music Content, Sources Say
    AppleTV will add on-demand videos from Vevo to its set top box, said sources. Vevo, owned by major music labels including Sony Music Entertainment, also plans to add it to Samsung's SmartTv sets, Bloomberg says
  • Can You Make Money Creating Online Video?
    Or is there just too much of it out there, good, bad and indifferent? Maybe this is the flip side to that "lower barrier to entry" talk.
  • If You're Repurposing an Ad for Online, Think About Adding Interactive Element
    Repurposed spots need a boost, Milward Brown/YuMe research concludes. Adding interactivity seems to be the best quick fix.
  • US Audiences Liked Romanian McDonald's Ad on YouTube in July
    The monthly list of top-seen online ads on YouTube had some familiar ones, but Honda's new "Hands” video, and a McDonald's ad from Romania, of all places, made the US list.
  • TiVo's New Roamio Gets DVR to iPads, iPhone
    The Roamio Pro and Plus let you watch live and recorded TV on an iPhone or iPad connected to your home network. You can wirelessly stream it from the TiVo box, or download an entire show so you can watch when you’re not connected to the Net
  • Contest for Best Video to Promote Obamacare
    The Department of Health and Human Services announced a contest for videos encouraging people to enroll in Obamacare, particularly younger Americans. First prize is $3,000. The contest isn't taxpayer funded, apparently.
  • What's the Right Mini-Video Platform for Your Brand, Instagram or Vine?
    Twice as many of the top 100 brands preferred Instagram, maybe because messages can be 15 seconds long compared to Vine's six seconds. But there are other factors to consider.
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