• No Al Jazeera Coverage of Cairo on YouTube in U.S. As a Concession to Cable Systems, Says Gigaom
    When violence erupted in Cairo this week, Al Jazeera once again became the go-to source for on-the-ground news coverage. But the network's uploaded coverage on its YouTube channel wasn't available to US viewers because of a concession Al Jazeera made to cable operators. Its American news channel debuts tomorrow.
  • How Much Brand Involvement Is Too Much?
    How much brand involvement is too much? Premium video created for online viewing is often branded, meaning that a sponsor or brand was involved in its creation. Branding goes beyond sponsorship. A sponsored program has ads -- static or video -- placed around the content. Branded video, on the other hand, has products integrated into the content, and those brands may have steered the content’s direction.
  • Netflix Stocks Up on More Kids Programming
    Netflix moved  to further shore up its selection of kids videos after losing "SpongeBob SquarePants" and other Nickelodeon content earlier this year. The online video company announced a deal with Scholastic to bring its movies and TV shows to Netflix.
  • Showtime, LG Launching App for Smart TVs
    Showtime and TV maker LG are launching the SHO Sync app on LG 2012 and 2013 smart TVs that will provide consumers with interactive features during certain Showtime series, such as Dexter. Showtime also launched SHO Sync Add for iPads about 10 months ago. 
  • Kaltura/Taboola Survey Shows Shifting Opinions about How to Promote Video
    The poll found that 27 per cent of respondents currently use paid recommendations to increase their video views and reach and fully 95 per cent of respondents would consider switching from marketing their videos using traditional advertising to paid recommendations/native advertising in the next few years.
  • Jumptap Acquisition Adds to Rough Beginnings for YuMe, Tremor Video
    Wall Street is resisting ad tech stocks, for whatever reason.  When Millennial announced it was buying rival mobile ad net Jumptap for $225 million on Wednesday, investors trashed the deal, and brought down new public companies Tremor and YuMe in the process.
  • NYT's New Video, 'The Jockey' and Its Unusual Relationship with Advertiser
    The Times reportedly told its ad department about its new "Snowfall"-like video package just four weeks before it launched. BMW, which signed on, initially wasn't told when it would be published, what it would look like, or even exactly how its ads would render.
  • New Samsung Smart TV Commercials Aims Them at Grandpa, Too
    The new ads for Samsung's Smart TV makes a big push to show consumers all the online video opportunities out there, and pushes a new Samsung conversion kit for TVs that belong to grandpa. In fast, a doddering (but willing) Grandpa is star of the show.
  • Kara Swisher's No-Doubt Frustrating Appearance on 'Meet the Press'
    The AllThingsD ace Kara Swisher seems a little frustrated by her chat with David Brooks, Ted Koppel, David Ignatius and David Gregory about the sale of The Washington Post to Amazon's Jeff Bezos.
  • Lean Forward/Back Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore
    In a world of second screen and streaming, lean forward/back just doesn’t tell the story anymore. The business needs a better way of gauging media consumption habits.
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